What You Need to Know Before Hiring Fresh Graduates

Hiring fresh graduates works out great for they are more open to working with different departments. But they also come with risks.

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Forget about MNCs and big corporations, the new attraction for students is to join a start-up. With start-ups comes a better work culture and flexible work environment but nevertheless, lots of practical experience.


The biggest reason  for youngsters to join  start-ups is the positive image it has created around itself with the help of its roots in the pop culture .As there are role models given by the ecosystem,  who can be considered the champions of the modern age.

For start-up founders too, hiring fresh graduates works out great for they are more open to working with different departments. But they also come with risks. With little or no experience, they are also looking at better opportunities all the time so they could move away from your start-up soon, leaving you stranded.  

Entrepreneur India spoke to start-up founders about how to go about hiring fresh graduates.

Don’t Just Go For the Schools, Look For the Hunger

More often than not, companies while hiring look at the educational qualification of the employee. While that is obviously important, it cannot be the only criteria through which you judge the new hire. Sometimes, even if someone doesn’t come for a good college they have the passion required to work in a start-up. Monika Misra, co-founder, iKeva, believes that it’s important to look for the hunger and energy for learning. “Check how keen they are to learn and grow. Even if they don’t come from the top schools, doesn’t mean they don’t have the hunger to learn,” she said.

They Have to be Humble

While working in a start-up, one has to work with various departments and people. So, it is important that the new hire should be humble. Mishra points out that sometimes when you hire a fresh graduate from a top school, they can have a certain notion about their growth in the start-up, but it’s crucial that your hire is a humble person. “Skills can be taught but not the attitude,” she said.

It’s best not to hire someone with a sense of entitlement, she believes.

Hire as an Intern

With start-ups it’s tough to plan the future. Sri Charan Lakkaraju, co-founder of Stumagz, believes it is better to have interns and then convert them into employees. “This gives them time to understand the culture and know if they fit the bill for working in a start-up. Hire specialists and not generalists,” he said.

Understanding the culture of the start-up is an important aspect that you cannot miss out. Mishra too believes that while hiring itself, you need to make them understand your vision. “Ask them how they see themselves growing in the start-up and why they want to have their own place in the company,” she said.

Train Them Well

When you have hired a fresh graduate, be open to the fact that they could mistakes. So, it is important that you train them well and make sure they know and understand the process of working in a start-up. However, don’t be too strict with them.

Mishra advises that founders should be open to the ideas of fresh graduates. “Don’t curb their ideas. You may or may not use them but allow them to share,” she said.