How the Internet 2.0 Revolution With Blockchain Can Make You Smarter

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With internet today having penetrated more than it was originally intended to, all of us have adapted the technology as a part of life. Here, the internet has also played a vital role in making us smarter whilst leading to development of smart solutions towards mitigating societal issues. This smartness has resulted in continuous revolution of the technology beneath the internet.

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What is Internet 2.0?

With constant revolution, even internet revolves; as they say Change is constant. Now, the latest buzzword has been Internet 2.0. What exactly is internet 2.0?, what constitutes internet 2.0?. Now, at this stage, it is worth understanding that internet 2.0 is all about digital disruption and leading the way as far as adapting data-driven models is concerned.

A vital cog in the data-driven model wheel is Blockchain wherein records are digitized into vital blocks so that frauds are eliminated whilst making these records accessible to technologists relatively easily. In internet 2.0, a key element is value-addition, and Blockchain is certainly a value-addition when we take the digital world into consideration.

Also, connectivity plays a vital role as far as defining internet 2.0 is concerned. Not only in terms of speed, but also with actually making objects (and people on the way) smarter so that data could effectively be analyzed from these systems for performing vital operations. Now, these could even be as mundane as effectively operating traffic signal in cities; to creating automated green corridors.

The Internet-of-things (IoT) is also a leader when it comes to application of Internet 2.0 concepts. Again, the key here is data. The IoT is custom-made for India considering the fact that opportunities for mitigation of issues are huge.

Decode the IoT

What constitutes the Internet-of-Things, and how physical objects could talk to each through internet 2.0 offers an interesting opportunity to delve deep. How could internet 2.0 make us smart?. Now, from an Indian scheme of things, disruptive technology is certainly the need of the hour when it comes to diverting from conventional practices to make society a better place.

Here is where we have an opportunity for you to delve deep into internet 2.0 and the potential it holds.

The Opportunity

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