India on the Way to Become a Hub For Medical Tourism

Expecting a High-quality Care at a low price

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Technologically advanced hospitals, low-cost treatment, and e-medical visa are few factors helping India to evolve as a hub for a medical tourism destination. Foreigners are seen getting treatments like heart surgery, knee transplant, and dental care, which is considered lowest in cost and best in Asia.


Projected to grow to $8 billion by 2020, India will be offering tons of opportunities to franchises revolving around this sector. Therefore, many medical tourism franchises can be seen emerging in times to come.

Mastering these factors can help a franchise evolve as a successful medical tourism model:


A medical tourism franchise should provide a one-stop service that takes care of all aspect of foreign patients. It is necessary to offer advice and suggestions based on the research and foreign facilities. The arrangements allotted to patients, relieving them from their worry, could count as a factor for a successful business.


Foreign patients, who are coming to another country for treatment, expect high-quality care, at a fraction of the price.  Franchises should focus on being reliable, supportive, and informative about the treatment being offered by the company. They should be ready with many options for a patient’s problem, which would seed trust among the patients.


A medical tourism franchise should be able to make a good investment in time and money, before admitting patients. You need to understand the various foreign facilities which can be utilized in order to treat a patient. If a brand is lacking medical training, hiring a medical professional should be the very next step for evaluating foreign services. You might also require a local partner for communication.


Marketing establishes the medical service credibility, presenting a competent image for a franchise. Offering substantial saving can help to draw patients, increasing business while treating them. As foreign facilities deliver services at reduced rates, you can afford to spend money on a high level of patient’s support and service, offering substantial savings and still ensuring profitability.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.