Changing Careers: Starting a New Career in 30s

No matter what you do you can succeed if you dive into it with your entire heart and soul
Changing Careers: Starting a New Career in 30s
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Finding a new career and planning a career change can be intimidating. There are many people who are hesitant to take the leap and stay stuck in the same career even if they hate what they are doing. However, it is of no use staying miserable and not taking any action even after realizing that you would be better off doing something else.

One of the main reasons for which people in 30s are forced to think about changing careers is that they feel unhappy and disengaged at their work. There are many who don’t feel passionate about their work and find themselves in roles which don’t interest them. This, indeed, is the result of career choices people are made to make at a very young age when they are teenagers. Obvious as it may be, the priorities of a teenager and adult can be drastically different, thereby, encouraging people to adopt career changes.

What is the Need to Change Careers in Your 30s or Later in Lives?

Anu Gulmohar, Co-Founder Beeji De Chole Bhature, served as a Deputy Editor of a magazine before making a career shift from journalism to the food industry. After doing the same thing over and again- writing, editing, ideating and putting issue after issue to bed; monotony had set into her life.

“I needed to do something different to further grow myself as an individual. Food had always been a passion and when my husband decided he was going to open a chole bhature restaurant, I decided to take the leap,” stated Anu.

On being asked about the most valuable lesson she learned during her journey, she spoke eloquently, “No matter what you do you can succeed if you dive into it with your entire heart and soul. Also, past work and lessons always help.”

Our system is such that it pushes people into making career decisions largely on the basis of pre-conceived notions. Same is the case with Medicine as a profession that is usually considered to be one of the most rewarding professions. Because one size doesn’t fit all and because Farhana Safa couldn’t rely on those lists, she made a successful transition from an ophthalmologist to a car designer.

Is There Something That Should be Stopping You From Making a Career Change in Your 30’s?In case you’re one of those individuals who are motivated to make a change in your career, there is nothing to feel discouraged or demotivated about it. Ayush Jain, Founder of My Study Destination (India’s leading education blog), believes there is no harm in changing your career at any point of time in life. However, your plans must be guided by an effective change management strategy.

Sushil Arora, Career Coach and Motivational Speaker

Being a career coach, Sushil Arora has always believed in advocating the power of following dreams. According to him, there is no pain greater than living your life with unfulfilled dreams. Therefore, the age must not be a bar for you to chase your dreams and work towards creating a life of meaning.

Jonah Peretti (Founder, Huffington Post)

If age could push individuals away from pursuing their dreams, Jonah Peretti would not have been possible to launch viral news media sites like Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post in his 30’s. Before launching these viral sites, Jonah taught middle-schoolers the use of Microsoft Office as a computer science teacher.

Some Final Words

If you’re in your 30’s and you’ve realized that you would be better off doing something else- it’s time for you to take an action as there is no use delaying the inevitable.

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