5 Ways To Introduce Entrepreneurship Education In Classrooms

Building Character and Vision
5 Ways To Introduce Entrepreneurship Education In Classrooms
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It prepares people to be responsible and enterprising individuals. It helps students develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. Evidence also shows that people with entrepreneurial education are more employable.

Following are the few ways in which entrepreneurship skills can be introduced in classrooms:

Business idea class

Once a month, public speaking class can be organized for the students, where they are required to come up with business ideas, along with their project report. While engaging in speaking event, students are required to give each and every detail of the business, such as capital required, raw material and machinery, skilled and unskilled labor, boosting the morale of the student.  

Remedial measures

After understanding the problem, all the students can give an individual solution to the problem, by writing their names on the paper, along with the solution. This procedure will help the students to think constructively. This will not only enhance their confidence but will also give them a sense of achievement and will, therefore, develop a healthy relationship amongst the students.

Competition at the school and inter-school level

Some competition can be organized in the school itself, where the students from different houses can participate and can bring business ideas, with the help of their teachers. If such inter-house programmes get success, then the same can be done at the inter-school level, where different schools can participate in the competition and can come up with business ideas.

Guide groups

Group of commerce teachers from various schools can take an initiative to form a group on Whatsapp or other social media platforms. This method will be beneficial for the students and teachers can also contribute to the development of the society, by encouraging the new entrepreneurs in the society, who is a youngster. 


No business or no idea can be successful, until or unless that idea is properly scrutinized. This can be done by the team of experts, who has the experience, and for this, the best choice would be the angel investors or the venture capitalist of the area, city or the state, whichever is available. Nobody can be a better help than the people mentioned above, as they possess the right amount of experience and knowledge. Once they clear the idea, then it can be executed.


Article authored by Sandeep Dutta HOD Business Studies of Tula's International School

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.


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