Decoding Secrets of Connecting Right With Investors, Through Your Physicals

Smartness is the in-thing now, and beyond

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If you are new to the entrepreneurial world, through your smart models needing both equity as well as mentorship from investors, then there is lots to cheer about as today’s investors are also mentors apart from being mere investors. A majority of the venture capitalists have actually been taking the lead as far as offering value-added guidance to entrepreneurs in concerned; in addition to offering money and taking shares.


However, to obtain mentorship from venture capitalists, you would need to establish the right connect and this process begins from exhibiting just the right body language while you interact with investors (mentors) personally. With smart physical interaction being the focal point, Entrepreneur India looks at exploring ways in which first-time entrepreneurs can establish the right connect with investors with the right physicals.

Demonstrate that “Execution Ability”

Foremost, when you approach venture capitalists you have been pursuing for equity investments, the key is to demonstrate (not act) your ability to execute solutions. If you think that you could truly showcase your problem-solving ability, proceed; else cultivate these skills before you go on to meet the investor.

“Show that you can execute – It is one thing to have a brilliant idea and be passionate about it, but if you cannot execute, it's as good as nothing. So, it is important to demonstrate your ability to execute,” states Thiagarajan Rajagopalan who is Founder and CEO at Bengaluru-based Tripeur that works on offering B2B travel management solutions.

Rajagopalan emphasizes on focussing the passion through creative expressions. Here, the key is not to be dramatic but to use your brain and hands such that you appear passionate; while conveying the impression that you are in a position to actually cleverly execute strategies.

Once you display “Execution”, present your business

After you have connected with the investors by convincing them that you indeed possess the ability to execute, your presentation skills should come to the fore without you passing off as a dramatist.

“Presenting data in the most effective manner is an art which needs to be mastered by every entrepreneur”, adds Piyush Jain who is Co-Founder and CEO at ImpactGuru which is a crowdfunded solution catering to startups, and individuals with social and medical causes.

Now, to make presentations, making proper eye contact is the Numero-uno criteria. Fix your gaze at the investor and do not gaze into infinity while you run them through the presentation.

Here, Jain iterates that the job of securing investments gets half completed when you establish connect through presentation.  The other half gets done through your technicals (of the business).

The Grand Narrative

After you execute the above steps, it is vital to bring out the grand narrative about your business, through appropriate storytelling. It is Ok even if you miss out on English skills.

“Clearly convey what is your story, why it is unique and why it can fetch the outsized returns that the fund requires,” informs Vishwanathan Ramakrishnan – CEO at Bengaluru-based B2C startups Magic Crate which has been working in the children engagement segment.

Ramakrishnan’s statement adds to the fact about entrepreneurs not mincing words while interacting with investors. Nobody would take an offence if you do not get your English grammar right, but convey the grammar of your business. Even if the interaction is for a few minutes, you should be aptly dressed and with the right physicals as described above, the connection with your equity investors becomes more of a reality than fiction.