Bill Gates' New USD 30 Million Fund for Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis Now Live

Entrepreneurs can even apply for this customized accelerator program, to further Alzheimer research

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With focus on social issues being a key criterion for entrepreneurs and investors today, Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates has stated that he along with Leonard Lauder and others would allocate at least USD 30 Million towards models that result in advanced diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. This fund would be pumped into Diagnostics Accelerator – an initiative by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF).


Smart Healthcare models – need of the hour

Gats’ new fund, the Diagnostics Accelerator, along with Leonard Lauder, the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, the Dolby Family, and the ADDF, would encourage new ideas to build bridges between research at the academic level and actual diagnostics that could be accessed by the vast majority the world over.

The new venture investments committed to by Gates adds substance to the fact that healthcare today needs technology-driven disruptive models which could make world-class facilities not only accessible but also affordable; now, Gates’ new venture announcement also reiterates the fact about early diagnosis of potential diseases and affordability being the need of the hour even in  “developed” economies outside of India.

“If you think you’re one of these bold thinkers, we want to hear your great ideas,” states Gates on his official blog post.

Entrepreneurs, both in India as well as globally, could check out the ADDF to apply for the diagnostics accelerator program. The focal point here is early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s to save people before the disease becomes deep-rooted. Here, Gates adds that entrepreneurs could come up with models wherein simple non-invasive tests could help diagnose smartly.

New solutions coming to the fore

In the Indian scheme of things, there have been quality investments of late which re-iterate the smart models entrepreneurial requisition. In these investments, disruptive technology viz Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are the focal points harnessing which deliverables are formulated.

Solutions such as smart diagnostics hardware working on the IoT and AI, have been deployed and the greatest advantage that these solutions offer is making lives of people in the tier-2 and rural economies of India easier. Data-driven models are key to making healthcare more accessible and affordable as well, believe data scientists.