What is The Importance of Stakeholders in Education System

Contributing to Schools Welfare & Success

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Stakeholder typically refers to one who is associated with the welfare and success of a school and its students. They may also be collective entities, such as local businesses, organizations, committees, media outlets…more.


Franchisors should understand the importance of stakeholders as they can take leadership responsibilities, or lend voice to ideas, opinions, and perspectives. They should understand that the role of every stakeholder is crucial for the development of an education empire.

School administrators

School administrators, who monitor the implementation of the curriculum, play a vital role in structuring and developing the school and students. Furthermore, they are responsible for the purchasing of learning materials which are essential for curriculum implementation. They are usually informed by teachers, students, and the community about the success of their curriculum.  They can also employ the services of professional for evaluating the performance of the curriculum.


Parents influence the implementation of the curriculum by playing a vital role in monitoring the lessons taught at schools, filling the gap between their children and the school administration by providing various resources which are not available in school. Teachers often take help of parents for monitoring the social and behavioral development of a child, especially for special educational needs.


Psychologists and social workers are known for their contribution towards special schools and their children. These stakeholders provide useful options for dealing with students of foreign origin or those with disabilities. Often acting as school board members, community members are usually seen contributing to the various resources which are not found at school premises.

Government and the professional regulation commission are other stakeholders providing a license to graduates of different universities and colleges.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.