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The Thrust of Giving Something Back to the Society and Playing a Catalytic Role has Always Been my Dream

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Suresh Babu Inturu, Managing Director of Sailotech, his fierce determination
and self-starter personality made him a truly remarkable entrepreneur.
Through his persistence and boundless dedication, he has viewed every hurdle
in his path as a learning experience and found himself on the road to success
with enormous growth.

Vision is the key to success


Suresh started his career as a consultant with Diebold, USA, and went on to become the director of the company in a short span. He was instrumental in bringing the Diebold development center from 0-500+ employees and making it global. Since he had an innovative mind from the beginning, and the desire to do something big, in 2015, Suresh started Sailotech, an agile business consulting firm, with a mix of overarching ambition and deep intuition.
An ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and CMMI Level 2 certified company, now possesses 200+ highly-efficient technology experts.

Continued progression through diversification!

Suresh is constantly on the move to make decisions that align with his vision and move closer to achieving them. His leadership has empowered Sailotech to expand its wings in developing framework and solutions for various technical fields like mobility, artificial intelligence and analytics. His growth was supported with good decision-making in a highly competitive market populated by either multinational giants or smaller players. He has been influential in reinventing Sailotech constantly and establishing a diversified business.

Making ambitions a reality!

His strategic planning and visualization have enabled Sailotech experts to come up with innovative frameworks in analytics. Full lifecycle analytics solutions in the fields of manufacturing, warranty, insurance, banking and sensor data have been exclusively implemented by Fortune 500 companies for unlocking the true values
from data to take strategic decisions.
He has encouraged experts to come up with products like XaTTaX and Sailotech Enterprise Applications(SEA). XaTTaX is multi-layered, security-mechanized software for GST filing, E-Way Bill, and invoicing and is one of the promising GST software for 2018. SEA is a smarter-than-ERP solution and integrated innovation for business advancement.

Moving business forward, faster!

Suresh has come a long way in 20 years, but he admits he is always ambitious for more. With his exceptional traits of a business leader, he plans to expand his business by employing more talents who will bring in more innovation and increase the company’s net worth in the near future. He is convinced that a positive environment and entourage are paramount to success.