YouTube Vlogging as Entrepreneurship – 3 Reasons Why Chords are Struck

Have you come to love YouTube Vlogging?

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YouTubers are on the rise today; the trend of starting customized channels and uploading videos to highlight various aspects are popular. This has given rise to a new trend called Vlogging which essentially encompasses conventional video creation and sharing.

Now, there are full-time Vloggers on YouTube; and people even driving monetary profits from their channels. Hence, in a bid to throw more light on whether Vlogging qualifies as entrepreneurship; Entrepreneur India interacted with a multitude of Vloggers having taken to YouTube.

Vlogging is now a sustainable business model

“Vlogging might have started off as a hobby early on, however it has changed with the evolution of technology and the advent of platforms like YouTube,” states Prajakta Koli who has over 2 million subscribers to her channel.

She adds that with more and more brands investing on turning digital, and in the digital platform; Vlogging could now be considered as a sustainable business model trend.

Now, as far as monetary aspects are concerned; aspects such as revenue generation sources need exploration. Here, Koli adds that the ads served with the videos and brand collaborations are the potential ones.

However the brand collaborations happen once the channel has a fairly good following and is well known in the community.

Koli’s views with respect to Vlogging being seen as entrepreneurship are echoed by other known Vloggers who collectively think that the USP of the profession is its offering of complete utilization of the creator’s creative skills as and when desired.

“The creator can approach releasing content in a more strategic manner and perhaps branch out into product lines, mainstream entertainment careers, and more,” informs Sejal Kumar whose channel currently has 772 thousand subscribers.

“many brands are into "Influencer marketing" these days, which enables Vloggers to make Vlogging and content creation a legitimate career choice by looking at it as a business opportunity instead of a hobby only,” chips-in Niharika NM who has more than 153 thousand subscribers to her YouTube channel.

No eligibility criteria

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Vlogging on YouTube is that it stays true to creativity; unlike posing eligibility criterion for creators; age is definitely not a bar here. Anybody could explore creativity through videos; video editing is preferred as a skill.

With eligibility taken care of, in case you are planning to turn a Vlogger, are there any hot/favoured sectors to begin?

“Vlogs in the education, food, dance, health and fitness amongst other sectors are also doing pretty well,” says Shaan Muttathil who has nearly 150 thousand subscribers to his YouTube channel which focuses on beauty and lifestyle along with cinema and travel.

Travel is one domain that resonates with Vloggers, followed by technology, automobile, and fashion.

“Vlogging in itself is a successful concept because an individual can apply it to any sector that they are interested in or are passionate about. It is a medium of expression,” states Niharika.

Content is king – ability to make a difference to others’ lives

YouTubers who Entrepreneur India interacted with stated with unison that the now frequent algorithm changes by Google is not be fretted about; but rather it is the content that gets long-time followers despite back-end technological modifications.

“The power of your viewers will always be bigger than any possible technological changes in the algorithm,” informs Muttathil.

The key takeaway here is to ensure creation of passionate content by the creator and in a way such that there is value-addition to cater to viewers.

“You could be the person whose piece of content could make help push someone else's creative boundaries,” reiterates Niharika.