How to Utilize Creativity Like a Pro for Entrepreneurial Success?

Add positive elements to your entrepreneurial passions
How to Utilize Creativity Like a Pro for Entrepreneurial Success?
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Modern times have lots to offer for wannabe entrepreneurs. There is this whole new perspective of developing smart models to actually mitigate a lot of societal issues. There are others like being offered relatively efficient platforms to raise investments for your ventures; investors form the final layer here as they are now ready to fund and even back ventures that have solutions with a difference.

In this regard, the key step for newbie entrepreneurs to start off with creativity; creativity requires smart showcasing. With utilizing creativity to take your entrepreneurial pursuits ahead being the key factor, Entrepreneur India aims at decoding the right ways to achieve exactly this in 2018 (and beyond).

Openness to learning even after formal education

With an increasing number of millennials today preferring to turn entrepreneurs, the key would be to acquire the skillsets required even if it means doing some sort of an Upskilling program after formal education.

Upskilling traditionally adds that element of creativity within your proposed solutions; as you would able to blend academics with passions and right skillsets.

“Most fresh graduates think they are job ready on obtaining their degree. At this point, education and up-skilling is the strategic necessity,” states Anviti Sangwan who is Director of Human resources at the Adecco Group.

Sangwan reasons that it is always ideal to resort to “Experiential Learning” that lets people focus on practicals whilst mastering theoretical aspects. Experiential Learning could also potentially integrate newbies into the vagaries of the workforce before actual entrepreneurial pursuits could be explored. In this regard, experiential learning becomes an essential part of creativity.

Keeping card close to the chest

“The learnings from failures should be picked up properly,” adds Orkut Buyukkokten – Founder of the once-famous Orkut and now rising

Buyukkokten believes that creativity is best utilized when the learnings from each experience are analyzed practically with unwavering focus. Here, the key takeaway is the ability to reiterate (even on multiple products) works as failures during entrepreneurship is now increasingly being turned into success at the next level.

Hence, the iterative learning is something which needs to be taken personally and kept close to the chest.

Buyukkokten also adds that his inspiration is to create happy environments (virtual) just like Disney’s focus which is also to create happiness; here, the creativity comes from within due to the right causes beings et thereby giving rise to potentially successful products.

“Unlearn” when you can

Strange yet true! Creativity also stems in when you learn to identify aspects which deserve to be eliminated. This approach is practically priceless for the newbie entrepreneurs.

“However, avoid having freelancers for job profiles that have to handle or deal with customers. It’s great to hire them mainly for technical profiles,” states Sri Charan Lakkaraju who is Founder and CEEO of Stumagz. Lakkaraju’s statement is a clear indication of the fact that it would do no harm to pick up various nuances; but it is always just and harmless to drop the ones not required to drive your entrepreneurial prospects. Here, Lakkaraju has quoted the case of entrepreneurs hiring freelancers for their startups.

Hence, the onus now has everything to do with taking the “learning onus”; but picking up only the qualitative aspects always adds to creativity and a potentially flourishing entrepreneurial venture.

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