How Skill-Based Games, and the Visual Medium, Make You an Entrepreneur

You could derive a lot, apart from just pleasure, from games

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Playing games (literally games, and not politics) goes a long way towards fostering entrepreneurial spirits. Now, the relevance is more for budding entrepreneurs and the first timers (even the veterans should not hurt) with respect to taking to games as a way to develop and hone entrepreneurial skills. Here, we are not aiming to getting into specific games that entrepreneurs should play, but offering insights on how these could help sharpen skills such as judgment making, dealing with risks, stress management, and more; all of which are a mandate for new-gen entrepreneurs and business owners across India.

Getting about the business nuances

“It helps in bridging the gap between theory and practice while focussing on skill building for each individual,” states Anviti Sangwan who is Director of Human Resources at the Adecco Group.

The above is an illustration on the potential opportunity you could gain when you play skill-based games which truly test your skills.

The takeaway here is that common sense could be hones through games. In cases wherein you compete with other players, you tend to gain a lot such as strategy formulation. There are games which let you assume roles of businessmen and entrepreneurs; and the strategy which you use for the games stands good in the real world as well when applied through quality improvisations.

Business building is another aspect which skill-based games involving role plays potentially teach budding entrepreneurs. Creativity showcase opportunities are also at the optimum level here.

Visual – an effective mode for “learn and let learn”

With games a component of a larger visual platform, the scope to learn nuances almost on actual becomes a reality.

“All the creator has to ensure is that they present what they care about through their videos in the most authentic way possible,” adds Sejal Kumar who is a known YouTuber having close to 772k subscribers. 

Now, this is relevant considering the fact that people are taking time out to introduce gameplay videos (of strategic games) which give more than insights on tackling various aspects of businesses. This strategy is custom-made for entrepreneurs not preferring to actually play games but strategize effectively, and for that community which simply cannot afford investments on games.

The key takeaway here is that you need to possess a good eye to observe; and observing gameplay or even personal indulging (to an extent) is good.

“Very soon we will see trends like VR, AR, HTML5 games, online e-sports, smaller game sizes, single-hand gameplay, shorter game cycles but no longer game sessions,” informed Rajan Navani who is Vice Chairman and Managing Director at JetSynthesis; with respect to futuristic gaming trends which could potentially do their bit towards driving newer entrepreneurial ideas.

Hence, it is always a tandem of skill-based games and the visual medium which could potentially let you explore uncharted territories. If you love playing video games, no need to fret!

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