How This Company is Helping Others Ride the Digital Wave

The start up founded in 2002 is the biggest player in the market now

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When Navneet Kaushal started his digital search marketing company PageTraffic in 2002, there were not many people who understood what SEO or social media marketing meant. But today, the company is one of the biggest digital search marketing start-ups that have touched global territories. Having served across 36 countries, PageTraffic is one of the leaders in the digital search marketing space. In a candid chat with Entrepreneur India, Pagetraffic’s Founder and CEO Navneet Kaushal speaks about what helped him to expand his brand internationally.

Which are your next target markets to expand?

Our next target market would be UAE and Australia. There are not many players who are into digital marketing in UAE, and many of them outsource their services to India. I think these two would be the most lucrative markets.

What kind of hardships did you go through while setting up the company?

Our biggest challenges were hiring and building the team. It was extremely difficult to convince people that this could be a good career choice. Second, 15 years back, there was no ease of doing business in India. But fortunately, things have improved over time.

Today, there is a lot of fuss about bot followers and fake likes when it comes to digital marketing. Does it affect your business model in any way?

I don’t think it does. If you take the offline market, there are a lot of fake distributions. But eventually, it doesn’t affect the chain. Similarly, in the case of online consumption, a lot of these social media channels are dealing well with such challenges. This helps the business grow without any hindrances.

 Are there any specific challenges that you face in the overseas expansion? If yes, what are those?

For a start-up to go global, you have to go through a lot of documentation work which is a big pain point. I think the government can help us with this.

What are the industry trends for 2018?

I think voice search is going to bring a big change in the industry. You’re 40 per cent faster when you speak. Right now, it’s at a very nascent stage. There have been a lot of changes. We are confident that we will be able to do it.

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