Why PRs & External Sources Are Important For Your Business

Setting up your business isn't a small feat

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Many franchisors don’t consider marketing as a forefront job, but Public Relation (PR) and external sources can provide your business with the best result, utilizing a minimal amount from your overall budget.


A bridge between the brand and customers

Most franchisors face difficulty in understanding how PRs and external sources work as a marketing tool. PRs and external source acts like a bridge between the brand and the customers. Franchisors can influence customers in a positive way by taking help from these available options.

Franchising is a business with several stockholders involved in the process of building a brand. PR and other external sources can help your voice be heard, building thought leadership for your brand in the industry.

Builds brand’s credibility

It’s necessary to understand the difference between advertising and having a PR or other similar source on your side.

Advertising grants you control over graphics and placement of ads whereas; through PR, the communication depends on the relationship your brand has with the customers, journalists, and others.

These tools make sure that when the audience reads the particular news, the products and services mentioned are worth time, creating a strong sense of curiosity and interest towards the brand. Thus, it creates a brand’s credibility, boosting sales.

Helps your brand connect with the audience

Being personal in nature, PR communication is often considered as word of mouth marketing. The customers get to know about your business and services, along with the personal side of you as a founder, helping them to relate directly with you.

PRs and other external sources help you to communicate with them directly as a franchisor, building a circle which shares common interests.

Therefore, PR & external sources help your brand to build trust, which is of utmost importance for being a brand successful.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.