This Online Library Franchisee Opportunities to Women and Men in 3 Different Business Models

JustBooks chairman explains the three business models they are offering to the Indian market

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In a casual chat session with Franchise India, Suresh Narasimha, Chairman, JustBooks, talks about providing job through its franchising opportunities to women, men in India.

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Business Models for Franchising

Suresh explains the three business models JustBooks is offering to the Indian market:

  1. Physical centers or library: Women who leave their jobs post-wedding to take care of their families can take franchise of JustBooks and start a library in the community. Those physical centers help people subscribe to their libraries pick up books of their choices/ interest on rent.
  2. Online Library: It also provides library facility online, where the books get delivered to the subscriber, once he/she selects which book he/she wants to take on rent.
  3. Library vans: Keeping the infrastructure and real estate cost problem in every state and city, JustBooks has come up with its library vans. These library vans carrying 6000 books can be run by men, to the places where the potential readers are capable of spending a reasonable amount for the subscription and renting books from.

Qualities of Potential Franchisees

Suresh believes, “Only reading books can bring discipline in anyone’s life and we are here to help people bring discipline in their lives.”

He says that “When people move out of their cities and regions, they miss out the regional touch in foreign lands; this is where JustBooks comes into play. JustBooks encourage regional language books on its platform while giving scope to the regional authors build their audience on a national platform.”

Suresh explains two important qualities of the potential franchisee:

  1. Service Mindset: The franchisee is going to serve an entire locality; he/she is familiar with, which is why he should have the mindset of providing service to the people. He/she should help people find the right kind of books they are looking for.
  2. Understanding the Business: At the end of the day, it is a business, which needs to generate revenue in order to run. The franchisee needs to understand how the business works and enhance it in his/her way.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Nibedita Mohanta.