Your Event Organizing Skills Could Make You a Better Entrepreneur, Find Out How

In 2018 and beyond, your entrepreneurship deserves quality audiences

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When it comes to building networks and the industry connects from the perspective of newbies and budding entrepreneurs, in 2018, and beyond, events definitely play a vital role in ensuring that the word is spread out; you could use the leverages that an event offers provided you attend the relevant event. Now, another aspect which could potentially get you the kind of industry leverage you have been looking at is organizing an event yourself.


Here, it is worth understanding that you need not plan a lavish budget to host a large-scale event inviting people who are deemed “big” only by their face value. You could hold a simple meetup and still ensure that you have built the right networks and leveraged industry connections. With events being the focal point, Entrepreneur India lists 3 easy ways in which you could organize quality gatherings and ensure that the ideation process here is simple and free of clutters.

Event organization is an industry itself in India

If you think that you hold a fetish for event organization, you could potentially consider taking up entrepreneurship in the events domain. Once you are a professional event organizer, you get to meet quality people, network with them, and ensure that ideation takes place effectively.

“Experiential Events are about designing an event solution that actively engages all five senses — to be able to touch, see, taste, smell and hear,” stated Dipti Shah who is Founder and Business Head at White Salt Entertainments.

Here, the takeaway for you as a new entrepreneur is the experiential events concept; when you organize custom-themed events corresponding to the agenda of the event; the essence is sure to connect with your attendees (other entrepreneurs) which should ensure industry connects to you as an entrepreneur.

Another aspect here is that you need not attempt anything fancy; choose the appropriate event theme in tandem with the agenda and what you aim to communicate.

Delve beyond face value

When you think about organizing events/meetups, quality of the speakers and attendees is extremely important. However, when you are a new entrepreneur, you should be using your idea and product (smart) as your speaker number 1 – to communicate with your intended speakers. Even if you do not get the big names, aim for the quality ones irrespective of stature.

“If there’s one thing that I have nurtured and developed in my entrepreneurial consciousness, it’s to keep the long-term goals in sight as much as, if not more than the short-term ones,” informed Parth Chandhok who is Co-Founder at Sloshout.

Key takeaway here is to focus on the value in the long term behind your agenda, and to blend this with the expertise of the speaker/guests. Hence, evaluation of your intended speakers with respect to their subject matter expertise is the first thing you could do; and when accomplished would potentially give you more quality than you asked for.

“There are several forums like Ascent, BNI, YPO, TIE which encourage meet ups between entrepreneurs in smaller groups,” adds Pankit Desai who is Co-Founder and CEO at Sequretek.

Desai’s statement hits the nail squarely on the head with respect to not worrying much about the scale of your events. Even smaller events, when done qualitatively would fetch desired results. The big guys too are regular attendees of smaller meetups; hence, your smartness becomes your key in this scenario.

Offer value-additions to stand out

Your events must offer value not experienced elsewhere by your attendees. Hence, you could tweak your agenda to make it value-added. Events with mundane agendas and subjects often tend to put off speakers as there are plenty of these which happen on a daily basis. The takeaway for the audience should clearly be put on paper. This is where your smartness and entrepreneurial skills come into picture.

“I started off by taking part in small flea markets in Mumbai. These would be banquet halls in residential colonies. The organisers would then advertise and people from the area would visit the flea market,” informed Saakshi Vij who is Founder at Saasud Creatives OPC.  

This represents an unconventional aspect blended with creativity which is sellable. Hence, you could always introduce tweaks within your concepts to offer simple yet value-added takeaways for your audience and speakers.

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