Lack of Global Legal System Pushing Competent Creative Writers into a Tizzy in Entertainment Space

We tell you how the Global Entertainment Industry will have to facilitate their writers in order to create what can truly be called value content

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Qualities of passionate and enthusiastic content writers are hard to come by these days, and it’s nothing to do with brain drain or lack of opportunities. The fact that there is no standard framework for distribution, negotiation and contract in place is something to ponder. The rift within the entertainment ecosystem is quite palpable, and often the intermediaries, producers and independent writers are at loggerheads as to who should control the lion’s share of the contract. However, that has not deterred the budding writers to showcase their creativity and grab a chance to put themselves on a pedestal.


The story doesn't hold true for millennials who are always vying to advance or step in the right direction to create a niche for themselves in the lucrative media entertainment industry.  Some of them just get perished due to lack of adequate support and funds.

No Transparent and Sustainable Window for Distribution

Content creators are the soul of any business be its entertainment industry, political campaign or any gripping script of the documentary film. Nevertheless, they have their own set of challenges too when it comes to showcasing their caliber at big stage due to an old prevailing system of intermediaries who eats the chunk of the significant share and restrict aspiring writers to small salaries with no recognition factor whatsoever. The sad part is, there is no reliable and transparent window via which a good transaction could take place.

At present, there is no virtual marketplace for an individual agreement to be negotiated in a lucid and comprehensible manner. Often offers are vague and lack transparency to meet the end objective of creative writers. They rely on 'sales intermediaries' which limits the offering and significantly increases the cost.

Caught In a State of Flux

What is holding up the independent writers to act freely? Content writers are often caught in a state of flux- whether to depend on intermediaries to survive amidst of in the cut-throat competition or else find a way out to pivot quickly. Often, they end up falling prey to tempting offers by intermediaries who ensured them of getting big projects across various verticals. For some, it’s the only way of getting assignments instead of making money in the short run. Indeed, it’s not going to be easy, but with better technologies and internet of things available, there is always a hope to curtail such luring offers and make way for secured future of budding writers.

Inefficiency to Keep Pace with Digitization

With technology moving at breakneck speed and defining new standards to benchmarks, it’s high time the entertainment industry latches on to artificial intelligence and internet of things to provide a much level playing field to safeguard the future of content writers. I reckon few things are fundamentally changing the ecosystem: one, internet and two, data. This deadly combination will certainly bring a full-fledged and robust planned management system which has the potential to alter the traditional way of piracy and distribution entrenched into the system.       

Lack of Robust Network amongst Peers

If something which is a worrisome factor to consider in the Global entertainment industry, it’s the peer-peer network that works haphazardly with no watchdog to monitor the dealings taking place.  For it to work effectively would require a great deal of removing bottlenecks and working on specific aspects. Many content creators are not given the choice of making critical decisions in regards to viewers' feedback. The same holds true for viewers as they are unable to voice their opinion about the quality of the work they seek. It looks like the entire system has been engulfed in a cobweb making peer to peer system an uphill task to established.

Agreement –The Looming Threat

The likelihood of a smooth transaction to wrap up flawlessly is always a cumbersome task considering so many terms and conditions involved in it.  Even after months of negotiations and consistent follow-ups, the deals don’t get closed in an amicable manner. We all are living in a very volatile world with so much uncertainty, and the story hasn’t changed as there are no defined standards in place. In fact, it continues to be sluggish with no signs of normalcy.

The Global Entertainment Industry needs a level playing field for content writers to become more empowered and facilitate them in decision making.