Panasonic GSE040 Garment Steamer Gives You Control Over Your Professional Attire

Dressing for success just got easier with Panasonic's GSE040 Garment Steamer.

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Dressing for success just got easier with Panasonic’s GSE040 Garment Steamer.

Panasonic GSE040 Garment Steamer

The steamer, which boasts 1600 watts of power, takes only 55 seconds to heat up, and renders up to 30g of continuous steam per minute to remove wrinkles and creases from your clothes. As the vapor releases wrinkles, it also permeates the fabric to sanitize and deodorize clothes.

It features a two-level steam selector for smart garment care, and you can adjust the length of the steam based on the textile material– standard steam for delicate and thin fabrics, or long steam for cotton and thick pieces. In addition to its effortless wrinkle-removing technology, GSE040 has a lightweight steamer head and a detachable two-liter water tank for easy filling.

Last but not the least, maintenance is totally hassle-free with its calc-cut auto-cleaning system, which prevents mineral build-up on the steam holes. GSE040 thus cuts costs and gives you control over your professional attire.

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