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Not as Successful as You Want to Be? 6 Roadblocks in Your Way.

Even high achievers like you get stuck sometimes. There's a reason -- but it might not be what you expect.

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You know there's more for you.

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You're aspiring. You're moving and shaking. You feel the call of your potential.

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But sometimes, you get stuck. You feel blocked from what you want most. You reach high, but your goals seem higher. And despite your achievements, you see a gap between where you are and where you want to be. You're not alone. A recent study suggests that only 8 percent of people reach the goals they set.

If you're not fully experiencing the success you want, there's a reason -- but it might not be what you expect.

Success is often measured in money or career trajectory. But, in my 60 years of building a business, raising a family, teaching online and living my life, I've found that deep and lasting success is found in six main areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial and in relationships. If one area is lacking in your life, you feel it, and it undermines your experience of success in other areas.

So, what exactly keeps you stuck? What blocks you from true success?

1. You've gotten off track from your highest purpose.

This is the big one. Truly successful people aim higher than themselves. They are committed to a goal, cause or mission. You may be involved in all sorts of causes or organizations, but what's important is to make sure that it's your mission in life.

Plus, a higher purpose is good for your health (which is one of the other six areas). In 2017, Harvard researchers concluded that a higher sense of purpose in life "correlates to a reduced risks of disability, stroke, heart disease, sleep issues and other health problems."

Ask yourself: How do my everyday activities connect to my own higher purpose?

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2. Negative thoughts are clouding opportunities.

In the next 60 minutes, about 3,000 thoughts will go through your mind. How much command do you have over those thoughts?

If your thoughts are pessimistic, you will perceive the situations before you in a negative light. You will put yourself in a defensive stance. And you will sabotage your own success without even realizing it.

Your brain can be trained to think positively. Positive thinking doesn't mean you pretend that everything's okay. Positive thinking means that you reframe obstacles as opportunities.

3. Emotional patterns make you hesitate.

People the world over carry unresolved emotions with them -- including you. Past experiences or perceived failures can stay with you in the form of fear, worry, anger, anxiety or overall stress.

Emotions are neither good nor bad. They are information, telling you when to pay attention.

The next time you hesitate to speak up or go for an opportunity that you want, stop. Finish this sentence for yourself: "I am hesitating because I feel ..." Let yourself fully feel the uncomfortable emotion. Envision letting it go and then you can move forward.

4. Your physical health is on the back burner.

If you have a go-go-go personality, you might put off sleep, exercise or healthy eating. Health decisions are so small they almost seem not to matter, but day in, day out, they add up. If you find the success you're after, but you feel sick or exhausted, how successful will you really feel?

Commit to one small act of kindness toward your body each day. How can you care for your body like a good friend? As you do, your physical stamina and mental clarity will improve.

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5. Old financial blocks have followed you.

It's amazing how many stories we tell ourselves about money -- about how much we need to have, or about how stressed we are over it. Those stories can either free us or keep us trapped.

Pay attention to what you tell yourself when you earn money, save money or spend money. How much negative emotion is wrapped up in money for you? How resentful or grateful do you feel about your salary, your clients or your business's cash flow?

Next time you feel money stress, take a deep breath and tell yourself, "Money is a tool for me to use."

6. Relationship dynamics are holding you back.

Strong relationships are one of the greatest keys to success and longevity, while relationship troubles sap your time, energy and motivation.

Think of a relationship that is important to you. Ask yourself: "What does that relationship need in order to thrive?" You might need to reach out to someone, have a conversation, or go to lunch. The time you take to build meaningful relationships will contribute to your well-being (and therefore your success) tenfold.

Success isn't actually that far away.

So, you haven't reached the star you're aiming for yet. Consider the possibility that true success is not a destination that's so far away. Success is possible right now, right in the place where you are. In the very next moment, you can choose your higher purpose, think positively, care for your body and your important relationships.

If you want to be more successful, that's excellent news. You wouldn't feel the call of success unless you had it in you to achieve.

You have what you need to succeed. It's time to choose it.

Carol Tuttle

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Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, bestselling author and personal development pioneer. For 25-plus years, she has supported millions with her books and online courses. Her new book, Mastering Affluence, guides you through six lessons to create a life you love.