Crypto-friendly Countries You Would Like to Visit

While India is uncertain about their stand on virtual currencies, many other countries have accepted it

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Travel is one thing you will always find in most ‘to do’ lists today. Thanks to well-crafted tourism campaigns, blogs on how ‘work–life balance’ is key to a good life, which often catches our eye and of course, the peer-pressure augmented through cute and wonderful ‘travel’ pics posted so very frequently across social media, constantly reminding us about planning a vacation!


Talking about travel, the budget is a good starting point for planning a vacation and this year there has been much buzz and furore around ‘cryptocurrency’ and the regulatory uncertainty and future of virtual currencies. Interestingly, crypto enthusiasts are largely in the age group of 18 – 35, maybe extend till 40. This age group also constitutes the largest pie of the travelling community. Now, while India is uncertain about their stand on virtual currencies, many other countries have accepted it. One big asset of cryptocurrencies is its universal nature. Wherever you are, if you have access to the internet, you can transact in cryptos. So, if you are a crypto-enthusiast, then maybe you can have these crypto-friendly destinations on your travel list.

  • Malta is a Southern European island nation which has accepted Bitcoin

  • Bermuda is a small Caribbean island with government’s new regulations and welcoming attitude towards cryptocurrency

  • Switzerland accepts Bitcoin as a payment mode for utility bills and the Swiss state railway company accepts Bitcoin for ticket payments nationwide.

  • Gibraltar is a tiny country located south of Spain and is welcoming about cryptos

  • Singapore is a Southeast Asian island nation open to cryptos, in fact, MAS is also looking to bring Bitcoin under singular regulation in combination with other monetary services.

  • Estonia is a Northern European country which is even contemplating to launch their own cryptocurrency

  • Georgia is an Eastern European nation welcoming of cryptos

  • Belarus is an Eastern European nation where crypto-related business activities, including CIOs, exchanges, mining, smart contracts, etc. are now considered legal in the country

  • Japan is certainly one of the early adopters of cryptos, in fact, it probably was the first country in the world to approve Bitcoin as legal tender

  • Germany approved Bitcoin as an acceptable means of payment in March of 2018, as per the regulation from Germany’s National Tourist Board

In case you want to trade your tokens, you can use P2P trading platforms like to buy/sell tokens against INR fiat currency. Going by market trends, cryptocurrencies are touted as the currency of the future, so it might be savvy to imagine your travel this year as a year for crypto-traveller!