Everything You Need To Know About The 'New' Google Assistant

The new interface of Google will be soon available for smartphone users in India

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Android users are set to receive an exciting surprise from Google. The software giant is redesigning their artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant - Google Assistant- with a mix of old and new elements. Earlier this week, the company announced that it will be launching a host of new updates to Google Assistant. These updates will equip users to take seamless control of their device by engaging in a text and speech-based interaction with the software. The announcement has sparked a lot of speculations about what these features are going to be and how will they make life easier for the android users? Here is everything you need to know about the ‘new’ Google Assistant.


1. Rich Responses

The refurbished Google Assistant will enable a seamless AI interaction for users with the help of “rich responses”. Rich responses are a set of tools and components that will allow Google Assistant to extend its support inside the apps as well. The move is aimed to facilitate the manual control of Google’s new smart home devices like a Home light bulb or Home Speaker.

2. Book Cab Without Touching Your Phone

The revamped Google Assistant allows users to book a cab from a host of cab-hailing apps including Uber and Ola. All you need to do is say ‘Hey Google, book me a cab to Gurgaon’, and the app will project a list of available services with estimated prices and timings. You can then choose a particular service by selecting your preferred option. Users can also cut the clutter further by naming a particular service in the audio command, but they will still have to touch the phone to confirm the booking.

3. New Interactive Interface

Getting answers to all your questions will get easier with the new Google Assistant. The new assistant allows users to seek relevant information through both voice and text-based queries that include images, sliders, and buttons as well.

4.  Bigger And Bolder

The changes in Google Assistant will not just be restricted to accessibility. Google is set to surprise the users with the design of the assistant as well. The new interface will feature bigger and bolder visuals, texts and control options. The move is aimed to make the interface more visually pleasing.

5. Good Things Come Back

Google has realised that an exclusively voiced based AI-assistant is not user savvy. Thus, the company has introduced a mix of touch and voice-based features in their new update. Now, it will show calendar events, commute and schedules via an upward swipe just like it used to with Google Now.