Tips To Build A Successful Brand/Business for Millennials

Things that are going to attract consumers to your business with a little effort

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It first starts with personal branding and that should come with no effort. People will associate who you are and associate certain things with you. Branding yourself to a niche market can become a powerful tool to promote who you are and what you can bring to the table. In return, this will help open more doors for better opportunities and drive consumers to your business.



We live in an internet and social media era where people are easily influenced by public figures, celebrities, and influencers. Millennials should take advantage of these networks to broaden their image. Collaborating with other brands and influencers in your niche will help bring notability to the business, thereby generating leads and sales. At the end of the day, it comes down to how the customer perceives your image.

Build a Great Team

Running a company means you are fully in charge of everything. The responsibility of the vision, direction, and the team falls in your hands. Build a company you desire by creating a team of people who are aligned with the same goal.

When leading a company, it’s important to keep the team engaged and excited. One should constantly share the company’s vision and mission to motivate employees to meet these goals. Stating clear expectations and providing incentives will help the business and team win.

Taking care of employees is key to the company’s success. Showing more appreciation, respect, and support helps with the productivity of the business.

Monitoring employee progress and performance will help identify some of the company’s weaknesses. Building a solid team will help you stand out from your competitors.

Enhance Customer Experience

In a world filled with technology where everything is at your fingertips, people tend to be loyal to the experience they receive. Reducing the amount of effort on your customer’s end will help create a more positive experience.

Learn more about your clients by building a personal relationship with them. For example, inquire about your client’s birthday, hobbies, music, etc. Understanding them on a personal level can help build a long-lasting relationship.

Add value to the customer experience by offering beyond your services. Proactively identifying and preventing issues, shows interest and willingness to appease client’s requests and enables a smooth relationship. Customer experience is all about building a culture around customer service.

Stop Complaining, Look For Opportunities

Be solution oriented and find new ideas. We are rushed to focus on negative aspects as things fall apart, but these moments are temporary if we take appropriate action. A true businessman, CEO, or entrepreneur is someone that is a problem solver. These are the people that outlast many failing startups, organizations, and companies. Determining risks, and taking swift action on the identified issue can help overcome any obstacles a company might face. Mentally train yourself to be positive and establish the outcome you want to see, and then work with others to solve the problem.

Always Keep Learning

We live in a world that is rapidly changing and no company is safe from change.  Educating oneself on the industry and upgrading skills will help one stay a step above the competition. Maintaining a successful company involves being aware of disruptions, pricing, and innovative ideas.

Engaging with similar minded people with the same goals will enable faster learning. Learning from other peoples’ mistakes will help prevent you from making pricey business decisions. Keep improving by surrounding yourselves with people that challenge the way you think. Invest in networking opportunities, and surround yourself with people smarter than you to lift up your mindset.


Neil Mathew

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Serial entrepreneur, Neil Mathew, is making his mark in the luxury market when it comes to luxury concierge and real estate. He is the founder of Imperial Fleet LLC, co-founder of Avalon Diamond Club, real estate developer/adviser and brand ambassador for Manor Of London . Through his journey building these businesses from the ground up, he learned many of the ins and outs to creating a successful company.  He enjoys spreading his wealth of knowledge, often through mentoring and coaching many aspiring entrepreneurs.