These Are the 5 New Rules Of Power Dressing

The way you dress strongly influences the way others perceive you

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Psychologist Abraham Ruthnick states, “Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way [in which] we see the world”. In a large, opportune and digital world where first impressions are increasingly the only chance, sharp attire can speak volumes about one’s personality. How you appear is a way to state who you are without having to say it. Today, are you Debonair? Trendy? Sexy? Casual? Exotic?Elegant? Powerful? Artistic? Professional? Sporty? Unless you are Jeff Bezos or Arianna Huffington, wearing a crisp sharp suit to work can give a boost to your career.


When it comes to working your way up the corporate ladder, dressing right is an essential plug in your journey to the top. Ditch the baggy or boxy or ill fit attire and instead choose what fits you perfectly to enhance your personality. More important, make the statement you want to. The way you dress strongly influences the way others perceive you. Wearing a well-tailored suit, or an elegant pencil skirt-suit can be a confidence booster, in addition.

Here are five rules to keep in mind while you make a go at your favourite and sanguine wear to your workplace.

  • Design the attire: The right colours can evoke specific responses. Blue portrays calm confidence whereas black reflects power. For women, the correct dose of colour finished the right way can emote a potent, bold and commanding vibe. Women can try and experiment with colours rather than go corporate-cliché with blacks, greys and whites. Standing out in a crowd can be quite an advantage. If you’re too scared to try, a colourful scarf, a bright accessory or vibrant heels can add a touch of glamour to your look. In contrast, the good old navy blue and charcoal grey can never go out of style for men.

A luxurious fabric can do wonders to both style and comfort. Don’t pass it off as just another element of your attire. The right fabric can make or break your look. When you opt for a custom-made suit, a fashion consultant or a bespoke store can help you pick the fabric that suits you best. The weight, texture and way the fabric falls on your body are some aspects that a bespoke clothing store can help you decide before buying formal wear.

  • Perfect the statement: A size tag doesn’t always leave you with the right fit. A great fitting suit is not merely about the length of the sleeve and size of the neck. There’s a lot more to this piece of sartorial elegance. Whether it’s the first or the fiftieth, one needs more than just an off-the-rack suit to make the statement you want to. With a myriad of options from mass-produced brands, there are endless ways to go wrong in finding what is right for you. Avoid picking up just another suit from the store next door. Opt instead, for handcrafted and bespoke attire that is exclusive to your body type. Clothes that are made for YOU look the best on you.

  • The devil is in the details: Classy and elegant accessories always go well with formal attire. You don’t want to overdo the look but adding a bold piece of accessory can complement your over-all guise. A man styled watch or a chic neck-piece for women, custom-made cufflinks and ties with small prints for men could be just so.  The right set of shoes will get you noticed. A chic pair of black pumps with pointed toes for the ladies is a must have. An oxford-style shoe for men is best suited for boardroom meetings. The belt, the pocket handkerchief, the tie, the colours of each of these, and how they all coordinate to make your statement is critical.

  • Dress for the occasion: What you wear to a first meeting in January in Delhi would be very different from what you would wear to your seventh meeting in July in Bangalore.  Depending on who you are meeting with, what you want to emphasize on, the way you will come across, every little detail counts! Dress to make that statement.  It is paramount.

  • Build that wardrobe: It takes the effort to put a wardrobe together that helps you make your power statements.  It does not have to be capacious though. It is important to have a smart yet comfortable wardrobe planned out for yourself. Choose a bespoke store that can create a few looks for you. Play it smart and safe while you embrace what makes you unique. After all, a few great looks are better than an array in mediocrity.