How this Brand is Making its Presence felt in the Tech Space

We are customizing our products based on each market, says WK Brand's vice president
How this Brand is Making its Presence felt in the Tech Space
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From power banks to Bluetooth headphone and speakers, and phone accessories, the WK brand of Hong Kong Remine Industrial Group offers several tech products that cater to the young generation.

Globally, WK has large amounts of online merchants, wholesalers and retailers. In China, there are more than 30 WK exclusive shops, 23 branches and over 500 official resellers. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries. The brand has offices in Dubai, Korea, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, with more than 300 overseas resellers.

Now, the brand is looking to make its presence felt in India.

We asked Katrina, vice president of the brand, how they trying to make their presence felt in the accessories market, ruled by giants like Apple, and Samsung.

“Every customer, every person is looking for a fashionable item. We are not just for the designing. We design for the market. We consider the market needs,” she says.

When it comes to exploring any new market, she adds that the company studies the market through its agents, and try to find out the gaps and the demands. “The localization is extremely important.”


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