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Ford Created a Noise-Canceling Doghouse

Ford took the noise-canceling technology used in its Edge SUV and repurposed it for use in a doghouse.

This story originally appeared on PCMag

With their super-sensitive hearing, many dogs are not fans of fireworks. In fact, in a lot of cases it can leave them very scared and upset with no way to get away from the repeated explosion sounds. Owners do their best to comfort them, but it's impossible to explain what's going. However, a solution presents itself from the most unlikely of places.

Ford has this week announced the development of a noise-canceling doghouse. It reuses the technology used in cars and headphones to minimize external noise. The end result being a doghouse that can cancel out some noises completely while drastically reducing the impact of the rest. Fireworks should no longer be a night of stress with this house available.

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The doghouse is formed from high-density cork, which is already proven to be a great solution for sound proofing. Then Ford added some technology which it had originally developed for use in its Edge SUV. A sound system and microphones are installed in the doghouse that react to external noise and counteract them.

In the Edge vehicle, the system listens for high levels of engine and transmission noise. If detected, opposing sound waves are played through the vehicles audio system to counteract and cancel out the noise. In the same way, the doghouse uses microphones to listen out for unwanted external sound and counteracts them through an audio system.

For now, the noise-canceling doghouse remains just a concept created as part of Ford' s initiatives program called Interventions. It's also not the first unusual or surprising project Ford has worked on. Last month we saw a patent filed by Ford detaling a method of removing new car smell from a vehicle. Looking back to 2017, Ford created a crib that simulates a car ride to aid babies sleep when traveling. What ever will they think of next?

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