10 Best Whiskies From 2018 That You Need In Your Bar Cabinet Right Now

If whisky is your poison you can't miss on our recommendation list

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Grains, blends, rye and bourbon, there is nothing that can make you warm, gay and high this winter. Whisky or as our Irish friends say Whiskey since the 15th century has been a popular tipple. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has been making people high since ages. Kings, queens and empires have experienced the zen of whiskey, making it the world’s most popular liquor.


Since you will be taking the break from your work and hosting tons of party, we have got you fab 10 whiskeys that need to be in your bar cabinet and complete your collection. Now all you have to do is brush up your malt knowledge and pick the dram that suits your personality and taste.


1.    The Balvenie Portwood 21-Year-Old

Source: bigcommerce.com

From sniffing it to taste it, this is one of those malts that needs your attention. The first smell to the hint of raisin and soon taste the cocoa in it, Balvenie Portwood is a must in your collection if you truly know how to appreciate the spirit.

Price: INR 25,600


2.    Monkey Shoulder

Source: marco.co

A popular scotch whisky that pays tribute to the maltmen who spend day and nights just to create a fine quality whisky. It’s interesting how Monkey Shoulder brings in making of three whiskeys together. It has a unique characteristic which gives you a citrus and woody spice hint, along with a touch of vanilla, honey, and even popcorn.

Price: INR 4,150


3.    Glenfiddich 21 Year Old

Source: drinksupermarket

The moment you taste this whisky, it’s not just any other alcohol but something that is made with a lot of patience. From mild notes of fig, toffee, vanilla, this one is aged in a Caribbean run cask to bring the best product out of it. That notes of wood, mind, and honey that hits your tongue are called the result of hard work.

Price: INR 19,500


4.    Chivas Regal XV

Source: Chivas.com

After being in Grande Champagne Cognac for 15 years, this one truly needs a taste. Either go on the rocks or mix within your own way, everything with Chivas is good to go.

Price: INR 6,000


5.    Kilchoman 8 Year Old

Source: Whiskeyexchange.com

If vanilla and taste of smoky caramel is something you enjoy, Kilchoman is all for you. The production of this single malt scotch whisky began in 2005 and ever since has become quite popular. The barley used in the making of it is grown on the distillery site. Aged in bourbon and sherry cask, Kilchoman is something you won’t mind enjoying in the chilling night.

Price: INR 6000


6.    Longmorn 16 Year Old

Source: whiskeyfr

In case you are planning to indulge in a business talk with someone who is important, opening a bottle of Longmorn will definitely seal the deal. The smooth texture of this whisky makes you want more leaving a hint of lemony spiciness in after palette.

Price: INR 22,400


7.    Ballantine’s 30 Year Old

Source: Kingleyauction.com

This award-winner needs no introduction. A masterpiece without which your whisky collection is incomplete. A companion in your happy and sad times.

Price: INR 45,000


8.    Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Source: whiskey.fr

The strong bitter taste of it makes it not at all apt for faint-hearted. Lagavulin has a strong influence of iodine with a strong hint of Lapsang Souchong tea and tobacco, now you know why it’s not recommended for normal drinkers.

Price: INR 14,250


9.    Glen Grant 22-Year-Old

Source: whiskeyfr

A very popular young malt in Europe, this is often drunk on casual occasion in that side of the world with coke. To describe it simply, the pale golden colour of it makes it a good mix even with just water.

Price: INR 8500


10.    Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old

Source: amazon.com

A sophisticated choice, this 18-year-old malt always find its way in your bar collection by hook or by crook. A little taste of nuts, dark chocolate, and fruit, Johnnie Walker is indeed worth a toast.

Price: INR 11,500

*The price of the bottle may vary as per your city.