Upcoming Trends for 2019

Add colours to your life, as you welcome the new year

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It’s 2019 and It’s time to reset! People are on the lookout for something very exclusive and unusual for their living spaces and a story around it makes it a perfect conversation piece. Since our home is the most precious place, we love spending all the time we can. Thus! It is so important to have the best. There are too many colours and materials from the construction industry that have not been experimented as yet.


In this article we will discuss the trends for 2019 and which are going to be very much in vogue and some of the designs which will continue to get welcomed.

1. Use of Natural Materials

Rule of using natural materials like metal, wood, bricks, stones and yarns in art and artefacts are here to stay and would never go out of style. There will be mixing of these with the new age materials going forward.

2. The Culmination of Shimmer and Gloss

Adding some shimmer and high gloss to the design will be the highlight and be the rage. This will not only bring in the positive vibe but also create the ‘ Wow ‘ factor to the design be it any project like the residences, hospitals, education institutions, restaurants, corporate firms or spiritual centres.

3. Emphasize on Colours

In terms of colours Hazelnut, Moss Greens, Mustard, Deep Blues, Reds and the pale Lemon yellow are definitely the colours for the year. These colours will certainly draw the attention in your bedroom, dining room and the living room.

4. Eco-friendly Materials

Upcycling of materials will add the fun element and create awareness of the 3 R’s recycle, reduce and reuse. Always try using renewable resources which are locally available and require less manufacturing. The message is to conserve the environment and we must somehow make it a part of our interiors.

5. Adding Plants to the Walls Can Create a Beautiful Statement

Taking plants to the walls will be explored in a big way. We can expect Vertical gardens both indoors, outdoors and in public spaces adding the much-needed breath of fresh air.

6. Ceiling Installations

Ceiling art installations will rule the roost in 2019! The challenge is to add elements that give an interesting definition of space. Use of steel and metallic finish can create a great design. The main focus of this design is to create a wonderful void that breaks the tension and the monotony of the environment (both physical and psychological).

7. Importance of Using Agricultural Raw Materials

Use of agricultural raw materials like coffee bean seeds, jute and bamboo shoots will give a traditional touch to the design. Artworks decorated from these materials will certainly have an exclusive look.

8. Velvets for a Royal Look

Velvets are a must have’s. Velvet is a texture many people are afraid to experiment with but one not to worry about the wear and tear. This gives a sophisticated royal look and It’s good to get one velvet art piece done to create a high-fashion feeling within your private residence.

9. Designs with a Spiritual Touch

Accents with spiritual phrases like the Gayatri Mantras, OM or even the Vedas and Upanishads create an ambience of peace and harmony.

10. Sculptures

Usage of riveting message based sculptures are the art pieces which add to the intellectual quotient.

11. Be Open to Antique

Antique furniture and usage of distressed wood that has been deliberately discoloured will speak of clutter by design. This will give a retro look to space. Most of the designers prefer using vintage sculptures as they feel it is an essential part of any good interiors. Antique furniture can also be mixed and matched with modern furniture. A lamp, an antique mirror and a vintage style side table with some orchids on it can change the ambience of a dull room.