4 Leadership Topics to Focus on in 2019

It is your responsibility as a leader to take your followers through this major transformation in a safe way
4 Leadership Topics to Focus on in 2019
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As per a survey to find out what they have on their agenda for the coming year. It tells us that they should have on their agenda based on megatrends, global challenges, industry challenges etc. Often there is a gab because it is tempting to ignore the long-term issues and focus on the short-term issues that give immediate results.

Here are the 5 topics leaders should have on top of their agenda in 2019

1. Get the Long-Term Corporate Values Right - and Live by Them: The growing consciousness about how we treat our planet, how we distribute wealth, how well we defend human rights etc. puts an increasing pressure on companies to do the right things. Saying and writing the rights things is not enough. As a company and a leader, you are measured by your actions and the choices you make. Employees, future employees, customers, investors and public authorities alike will keep an eye on you. To make sure you continuously do the right things you have to develop the right values in your organisation and defend those values. This is the only way all the internal and external stakeholders can develop confidence in you and secure your business long-term success.

2. Revisit Your Business Model: If it involves collecting and selling other people’s information redevelop it or prepare to leave the business. A lot of online business models are based on providing services for free to the customers. We all know that nothing is free. All the cases about how user information has been collected and sold to third party companies have to lead to consciousness what happens to our information. The EU data protection laws are seeking to protect the consumers and there is more to come in the months ahead. So make sure you have a transparent business model that can survive a data integrity review and look straight into the eyes of your customers and say you don’t violate their rights and privacy. If you can’t do that you should seek a way to leave the business. I believe 2019 is the year where we will see a number of previously successful companies in trouble because of transparency in their business models.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Automation Will Change the Majority of all Businesses - Not Only for the Better:As technology takes over more and more human work you as a leader should have your focus on how do I keep my employees motivated and happy, while most of them are terrified about what is going to happen to their jobs in the future. The excitement about Artificial Intelligence and automation only exist among the people who develop these technologies and those who can make money from them. The remaining 99per cent has very different feelings, predominantly fear. As a leader you will have to show them the way; that there is a need for them in the future. It is the only way you can lower their fear. When we have fear we get paralysed and make bad decisions. It is your responsibility as a leader to take your followers through this major transformation in a safe way.

4. Make sure your organisation is open to the world no matter how small or big it is Opportunities, challenges and competition are all global. The trade war between the USA and China has taught us that new alliances can easily be formed when needed. EU was quick to form an attractive trade agreement with China and the BRICK countries already have a well-established forum for collaboration. Some analysts predict that India will be the largest economy in 2050. That can only happen if Indian companies make their companies global from day one. 40 years ago a lot of analysts predicted that Japan would become the world largest economy. Lack of cultural transformation prevented that prediction to become true. So make sure you set a global, diverse team from day one. That is a fundamental prerequisite for success in the years to come

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