How to Overcome From the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

It's just the spurt of a moment when an individual chose to end or bounce back in life.
How to Overcome From the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship
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As an entrepreneur, what one thing we all do is storytelling, which is an integral part of our business. Let me start by sharing a story with you. There was a guy on a trip far off through a jungle and because of walking for hours he felt tired and thought of relaxing under a tree. Since he was tired, he fell asleep and when he woke afresh; he realized he was amidst a beautiful place, which was covered by trees laden with fruits; the cool breeze was flowing through his ears making an amazing sound, the soothing floral scent was making him feel heaven. He thought, “what a beautiful world I am in, what if I get something really fresh to eat…” as he turned, he saw delicious, mouthwatering fresh fruits which he savoured (hungry people don’t ask the question). Having his stomach full, he thought “what if I get something to drink?”; he turned and saw a variety of fresh juices which he drank and enjoyed (Thirsty people also don’t ask a question). Now when his stomach was filled, he started thinking that it’s so strange here; I can’t see anyone here, but I got to eat and drink things without many efforts. There must be a ghost over here and as he turned around to cross check, he saw a Ghost there and he thought “Oh My God! The ghost will eat me…” and the Ghost did!

So, What do You Think it Was? Yes, it Was a Kalpavriksha (Wish Tree) Under Which the Gentleman was Lying.

Many a time, entrepreneurs think of solving the problem of society and generating revenues and then they do it. They enjoy the fruits as well. But, the fear of uncertainty, thinking of (or focusing on) unnecessary issues, disgracing from the work make them fall prey of undesired outcomes. We have seen enough examples of startup founders rising to the top and falling flat because of undesired behaviour of them; Flipkart, and even big league companies like Kingfisher Airline, Nirav Modi and others.

If we analyze why do once capable and awarded entrepreneurs get into this kind of situation, we get few common answers:

  1. Performance Pressure raised by unrealistic goals or investor’s demand

  2. Stress leading to various mental and emotional complications

  3. Financial pressure

In past, we have even seen dozens of their domain like Lalit Sheth of Raj Travels, Famous TV presenter Viveka Babajee, Actress Pratyusha Banerjee, Vineet Whig of Britannica, D. Shankaran of IAS Academy and Gaurav Tiwari of Paranormal Society of India to name a few, ending their lives abruptly. All these people had been had risen from scratch and were torchbearers to thousands of followers to them. We can’t digest the fact that any of them was mentally weak or incapable of bouncing back in their life. What do we call it then? Destiny? Karma? Depression or anything else?

Most of the entrepreneurs face emotional and financial outburst but not everyone ends his/ her life. It’s just the spurt of a moment when an individual chose to end or bounce back in life.


However mentally or physically healthy strong one is, everyone needs spiritual and emotional support sooner or later in life. We often think that meditation (spiritualism at large) is for older people or is required only if someone is in trouble but the fact is; it’s a part of life, not an optional choice. We, humans, are blessed with such a fantastic or you’ll agree with me, the most sophisticated machine on the planet named as a human body but, unfortunately, this gadget doesn’t come with user’s manual.

If anyone close to you is almost constantly frustrated or irritated (opposite to his/ her original behaviour), emotionally devastated, socially distanced (again opposite to his/ her original behaviour); please speak to them and help them. Few things which certainly help are:

  1. Remind them of their bigger goal of life

  2. Tell them the stories of their happy times

  3. Give them ideas to bring cheer to their loved one’s lives

  4. Help them stay away from Cigarette/ Alcohol

  5. Ask them to write their best experiences in life/ love story in the form of a book


If you think you’re done for yourself, start living for others.

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