Gadgets Saving Today's Drivers

Gadgets are helping to reduce accidents in today's life and smoothening the lives of drivers

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Commuting is a part of everyone’s daily lives. Be it travelling to the office, dropping off one’s kids to school, going shopping or even going for trips near and far, driving is a part of the lives of many.


The surge in the number of cars on the roads has, in turn, augmented the number of accidents on the roads. In order to adopt road safety and to tightly brace one’s personal safety more than ever, gadgets are overflowing the market.

These following gadgets have made it big in the market and people are adopting them for the safety of themselves and their cars.


YI Mirror Dash Camera

Known for capturing front and rear views, it aids in capturing live footage on the screen, helping drivers to stay focused on the road. This comes with two HD cameras, one for the front with a 1080p HD camera and the other one for the rear side with 720p HD camera.

The easy to operate the camera is also known for its easy installation and fits comfortably on the cars’ rearview mirrors. To enhance the safety of the drivers, the camera comes with alerts of exhaustion for the drivers if they are constantly driving for more than two hours.


Transcend DrivePro 200 Dashcam

DrivePro 200 dashcam that describes itself as a ‘dependable eyewitness on the road’, comes with wide angle lenses, helping you to record evidence and analyze events in case of emergencies. The dashcam helps recording all day be it in the day or night. Even at night, it provides clarity in vision.

It is geared with wireless smartphone connectivity that allows users to stream, download, and share videos from mobile phones instantly. In case of collision, the camera is geared with emergency recording.


ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Nonda, a company that makes gadgets for vehicle safety, has designed ZUS, an in-car gadget that helps drivers to track the tire pressure in real time from their mobile phones.

If any of the tires have any leak, the smart tire safety monitor detects it instantly with its slow leakage detection before it gets too dangerous for the cars and the drivers. The history of each of the tires is also provided by the gadget. Maintaining the precise air pressure, the device is also helpful in saving fuels and as it states, it can assist users to ‘save up to 11 cents per gallon with properly inflated tires’.

This easy to install device also has an anti-theft locking system and a built-in USB port for charging other devices.


VIVA – Alexa Enabled Car Charger

It’s been quite some time that Alexa has already entered our homes. But now Alexa is also available to assist us on the roads. How? You can converse with Alexa even in your cars. Anker under their sub-brand Roav has built a USB car charger with built-in Alexa.

Using mobile phones while driving often results in accidents, as people not only lose their focus from the roads, but also because both their hands are not on the steering wheel. VIVA minimizes these dangers of using your mobile phones while driving, as all you have to do is solely focus on the road ahead and converse with Alexa about the things you are looking for while driving your car.


So, which car gadget are you using?