These Entrepreneurs Share The Apps They Use to Make The Most of Their Day

Entrepreneur asks these three entrepreneurs the mobile apps they use to hack their day

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Entrepreneurs usually have a lot on their plate. And to be on top of their game, they have to get their juggling act together. Entrepreneurs are expected to be adept using their time and energy in the best possible way. And that’s where technology comes into play. Entrepreneur spoke to various founders to unplug how they keep their personal and professional lives in order through apps.


 KALYANI KHONA,CEO and Co-Founder, Inclov
 “I’m a minimalist, and therefore, don’t believe in owning a vehicle. In this regard, Uber has been my saviour, helping me hop from one meeting to another within minutes,” she says. Second most-used app on Kalyanis’s list is Zomato. She says, “Since my work requires me to have client meetings frequently at different places, especially coffee shops, having Zomato Gold has been a big saver on bills.” The third app, which Kalyani most often resorts to is Airbnb. “I’m a travel junkie. To take a break from work, I visit a new place every five-six weeks,” she says.

 ARCHIT GUPTA, Founder and CEO, ClearTax
 “I use Apple Notes with the iPad pencil for doodling and thinking. And, for daily logging of my work, I use Evernote,” he says. To look after his health, Archit uses Google sheet on a daily basis. “I use a Google sheet for tracking my morning workout. I just mark a yes/no in a calendar in excel,” he says. For expanding his knowledge base, he reads books a lot. Traditionally, a fan of physical books, Archit says that he has switched to using Kindle app more often these days.

 NITHIN KAMATH, Founder& CEO, Zerodha
Nithin says that his work life revolves mostly around Google apps. “To manage my work, I use Google Calendar for all my meetings, Google Note for taking notes and Google Hangouts for communicating internally with the team.” But, what tops Nithin’s list is Google Keep. He says, “My personal favorite is Google Keep. I either type or voice record everything I think could help my professional and my personal life”. Beyond work and to indulge in interests in free time, Nithin says that he uses the Chess and Guitar Tabs app the most.

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