Meet The Fashion Hostess Who Made it to Entrepreneur India's Women to Watch For Class of 2019

With Label Bazaar, Anam Mirza is determined to bring fashion to your city

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In college campuses, fashion is the medium of self expression and dress to impress a decree. But, to the 25-year-old Anam Mirza (then 19), a dearth of good fashion stores in Hyderabad only worsened her yearning for looking her best in her college days.

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She says, “This is where I sensed an opportunity of building a business. I envisioned that the fashion arena in Hyderabad could really benefit if the designers from all across India could be brought to the city to showcase their work.”

Determined to bring fashion to her city, Anam launched Label Bazaar in 2016. She says, “Label Bazaar is a multi designer exhibition with the industry’s best fashion designers and brands showcasing their work under one roof.”

Within three years of its launch, Label bazaar has seen quite a success. It has already conducted 27 exhibitions in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and went overseas with Dubai in the second year of its launch. The fashion exhibition usually spans a day and attracts a footfall of 3000-6000 people.

Explaining on what worked well for her venture, Anam says, “It has been putting in place a two pronged strategy. First, doing a thorough city specific research to make sure that the fashion trends we host in our exhibitions are entirely new to the city. Second, offering premium brands at a pocket-friendly budget, keeping the target audience in mind—women of age group 18-35. ”

On having built a strong foundation for her initiative, Anam plans to make Label Bazaar a pan India exhibition, and subsequently going global. 

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