The Five-Point Rule of Success

Gone are the days when academic score alone would be required to become successful in life and here is what the requirement of the day is

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Interviews have become an integral part of the selection procedure of not only companies but also of some esteemed colleges. The students who graduate from school find themselves befuddled as to how to crack the code of these interviews. In the current scenario, some colleges and companies are even going beyond the conventional interviews and are introducing selection procedures like Group Discussion, Situation Reaction Test, Just a Minute, Picture Perception Test etc. To ace these tests, a student must pull out all stops to hit the bull’s eye.


If one looks at the pattern of these tests, there are few things that are found common. These tests are like the litmus test that are used to analyse skills like language skills, confidence, general awareness, thoughts and a positive outlook among students. The problem is that sometimes the students find themselves ill-equipped to hone these skills during their schooling. Thus, it becomes imperative that the students try to polish these skills starting at an early age. There are 5 mantras that a student should follow:

  • Habit of Reading:

It is an established fact that reading opens up your mind to novel ideas. When you open a book, you are immersed in a different world altogether. Reading will not only help you to widen your horizons but it will also sharpen your language skills. However, it is important to pick up appropriate books according to your age. Some students read a lot of negative stuff (hatred/ violence/ murder mysteries) etc. These books may keep you turning pages but no positive thought gets incepted in your mind. Try to pick out books that set the wheels of your mind churning in a positive direction. Motivational books, inspiring autobiographies, self-help books, world-history novella, poetry books, will fill your mind with positivity and abundant information. Thus, keep aside 45 minutes every day for reading. You may even distribute your reading time between reading these books and leisure books that suit your taste.

  • Polishing Speaking Skills:

All the tests designed by colleges and companies will definitely test your speaking skills. Even if you are the powerhouse of knowledge, but are not able to transmit that power effectively in front of people, the knowledge will be of no use. First and foremost, the students must keep in mind that public speaking is not a gift bestowed upon some chosen ones by the almighty. It is just a matter of practice. To sharpen your speaking skills, try to pick out one topic every day and prepare a short speech on the topic. Try to listen to good speakers online and understand how each one has got a particular style of speaking. Voice modulation, taking appropriate pauses, correct body language, will help you to embolden your speaking skills. You may even start with reading out aloud some famous speech or poem to help you to practice expressions.

  • Effective Writing Skills:

You may encounter tests in which you may be asked to write essays, articles, description of images, etc. These tests are conducted to test your vocabulary, grammar and ideas. To master these tests, you will have to strive towards improving your vocabulary and grammar. You can initiate by keeping one pocket diary for noting down new words that you encounter while reading. This pocket diary can be your own personal dictionary. You can segregate the words in the alphabetical order just like in a dictionary. Moreover, while noting down the meaning of the word, be sure to pin down its usage in a few sentences. Take a topic of the day and try to use newly learnt words and phrases in an article.

  • General Awareness:

You will not be able to compete with others in a Group Discussion if you do not have the required knowledge to speak on a subject. Your mind is like the hard disk of the computer, the output will depend on the input. If you fill your mind vessel with impressive information, your arsenal will not be empty at the time of confrontation. Try to follow up on world events, international policies, problems of the world and suggested solutions. You can follow the SEP (Society, Economics and Politics) model to work on the key areas. At the end of every week, try to identify what new has happened in these areas. Try to indulge in discussions related to current affairs with your family members and friends. Have your opinion about everything that you witness and observe.

  • Profile Building:

Reputed Universities will always check your profile. Your student profile comprises your academic score and different certificates that you accomplish during your school/ college life. There has to be consistency in your academic score. If your score shows an upward trend year after year, that is a positive sign. However, if it is the other way around, or if there are crests and troughs in your academic score, you will have a hard time defending it in the interviews. Moreover, your certificates in diverse extra-curricular activities like public speaking, sports, cultural events etc. will add bows in your armour. You should also try to add community service to your profile. This way, you will give back to society and your attributes like empathy, group skills will be showcased to your interviewer.

Gone are the days when academic score alone would be required to become successful in life. If you wish to reach the top of the ladder, you will have to climb step by step, there is no elevator to reach the top. If you are a student who is working hard to reach your destination, remember that these five sutras will help you to take off your career.

Anshul Vashisht

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Anshul Vashisht is a certified Global Career Counsellor from University of California and Los Angeles. After completing his Engineering, he ventured into the field of education. He is an Entrepreneur and the co-founder of TWIN WIN, a personality transformation organization that trains over 15,000 individuals every year. He also contributes articles to National Dailies like The Times of India, Career Links etc. His guidance has helped thousands of students to reach the pinnacle of success.