Opportunities in Robotics in India

Robotics is the next big thing and sure be a trendsetter in many industries such as restaurants, warehousing, education, industrial automation, etc

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Everywhere you look robotics seems to be the buzzword. In fact, even a layman is sure to have an opinion on the subject. Over the years, robotics is increasingly being used in industries such as defense, automotive, atomic energy, space, textiles, metals and manufacturing.


Robots are being used to improve productivity across industries be it restaurants, warehouses, plants, rehab centers or operation theatres. In fact, in developed countries robots have become an integral part of all walks of life. Not long ago, a cafe in Tokyo was launched which was employing robot waiters. The 4 ft tall Minato Ward robots are controlled by people with physical disabilities such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS - a form of motor neuron disease) remotely, enabling them to perform a job they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The scope of robotics is ever growing and newer avenues are opening up as we speak.

The Field of Robotics

Robotics is a multidisciplinary engineering field that integrates several disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer science. Robotics and automation will revolutionize the industries the same way that computer systems did a couple of decades ago. However, developing nations like India are still far behind.

Robotics can be a godsend for industries that deal with large production volumes and need frequent quality checks. Thus automation is ideal for industries involved in retail, e-commerce, pharma, and engineering tools and automobile sector. It is applicable in all those sectors that store, assemble and transport products. Other industries where robotics is making its mark are manufacturing, pharmaceutical, FMCG, packaging and inspection, defense and education.

Manufacturing Opportunities

The demand for skilled robotics professionals will increase as India is a manufacturing hub and industrial automation will give an edge to local companies. Due to the shortage of skilled blue-collar labour, automation would prove to be a leading driver of growth of Robotics sector in India.

This all comes back to education. India needs to up-skill its coming generation so that they’re better prepared for a future which will likely be dominated by AI and Robotics. Adoption of robotics, like other technologies, in India is sluggish and it is certain that there will be huge opportunities in the future.

In India

With the growing need for robotics in India, there is no denying the fact as a country India has to overcome many challenges to come out as a go-to destination for Robotics. The biggest challenge being the procurement of hardware and other electronic components needed to build a robot. However, this challenge is an opportunity in itself for people who can come up “Made In India” components and hardware to companies that are involved in Robotics. With the right efforts in the right direction, the future of Robotics seems promising in India and can pave the way for a bright future ahead for the young blood of our great nation.