Indian Gaming Market Growing, Yet to Become #1

The booming gaming space is looking at billion dollar markets and is heading towards being the leading player in the space

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Indian gaming industry, as it is known, has worked hard to earn a name as an emerging market. The popularity of video games in the country was always prevalent. The shadow of popularity is now being seen in the online gaming sector. India’s massive mobile market and recent reports have shown that India has the cheapest mobile data charges in the world and it’s needless to say that it's the mobile market is massive and very resilient. These had their accumulative effect in augmenting the industry it is today. Its name has started getting mentioned among the top global players, but the leaders from the sector believe that although space has become a hotbed for online gaming businesses, it is yet to be number one.


So, what does the industry need at the moment?

The Current Space

Dayanidhi MG, who is the Founder of mobile gaming company nCore Games says, “The Indian Gaming industry is set for an explosion.” Well, as Dayanidhi points out, the country’s present industry has indeed run a pretty long course and has warmed up pretty enough to join the top league. Adding more applauds for the industry. He is of the opinion that as the country’s gaming industry has left behind its major struggles, it is now “only the last mile problems the players of the market need to fix. It is now a matter of bringing together the mechanics of seamless payments and giving end user a good experience just like all global players offer. So, if we do that India is going to emerge as a very big market.”

An emerging market that is laying its foundation pretty strong, looks even more promising when space starts turning the heads of investors. Like Dayanidhi, the founders of Funnearn – Harsha Sachdeva and Hardeep Mehta also stated the attention that the domestic and foreign investors paying to the market. The founding duo of Funnearn believe, “Gaming industry is the hottest sector not only in India but all across the world. There are many venture groups and investors who are looking forward to investing in this sector.”


Being the top player

Addressing the needs of the hour is a first step in taking the industry to the next level. Resolving them comes with solutions that upgrade the space altogether. Dayanidhi further elaborates, “On the technical side, India is well-equipped for the gaming industry. It is on the creative side we need resources. Apart from that, I think the Indian market is very well set for what can be the next explosive market after China. China has become a global force in the gaming site and India is soon going to be there.”


Market by 2025

The encouraging pace at which the market is heading, there is no question of stagnation anytime in the near future. By the end of 2020, not only as reportedly it will reach the billion mark, but by the end of 2025 will be thriving.

Sachdeva believes that by 2025 the market is going to surpass the $10 billion mark.

Looking at the current space gives a clear overview that by 2025, this space will own more players and operators will be operating. Pratik Kumar, the founder of 9Stacks says, “By the year 2025, the Indian gaming market will be huge. We are already talking about all the gaming companies together driving more transactions and revenues than the whole e-commerce combined. I am pretty sure in the next one to two years our numbers will be bigger than what e-commerce is driving.”