Traveling around the Globe with Spunk!

Founder Aditi Dugar is a true supporter of backpack and believes they are generally more versatile and gives one more mobility versus other modes of carrying your possessions around

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Born in Mumbai, Aditi Dugar, the CEO and founder of fine dining restaurant Masque and Sage & Saffron, grew up surrounded by palatable delicacies. The aroma of her mother and grandmother’s kitchen somewhere wrote her destiny. At the age of 16, she found her calling in baking and later rewrote her career graph in London at two-Michelin starred Le Gavroche and La Petite Maison.


A self-taught cook, Dugar has refined the dining experience in India and the

talk about her restaurants acts as a testimony for the same. Her dedication to

learn and explore the world of cooking has taken her to Thailand, Bangkok, Zuma, Tsunami and many more places. While she learns about taste and finesse of cooking, she carries her world in her Fendi Bugs Eye backpack with a swag. Her little bag comprises of everything essential and living without it is quite a

difficult task for Dugar.


Why Backpack?

Dugar is a true supporter of backpack and believes they are generally more versatile and gives one more mobility versus other modes of carrying your possessions around. “It is both stylish and rugged, and because I travel so extensively it makes my life a lot easier and ensures, that I have everything that’s

important, on me at all times. A backpack allows me to be completely mobile, well organized, efficient, and secure all whilst being trendy and comfortable at the same time,” she says.

Fendi and the Spunk:

When it comes to picking a bag, Dugar believes it should describe you as a person. And this one symbolizes the spunk and creativity she has and at the same time also highlights her need to be secure and organized. A lover of Fendi, she recently added this piece to her collection. “It is extremely light to carry and has the required compartments and areas that allows me to store all my valuables safely at all times and gives me easy access to the ones I need most often,” says Dugar. Fendi, an Italian luxury fashion brand is known for making trendy luggage and its Bugs Eyes backpack is an apt pick to make a style

statement. “It has two basic compartments and a patch pocket in front. I generally don’t like bags with too many compartments, as one tends to overstuff and be all over the place. This allows me to only look at two places for all that I need and makes it easier to access things I need more often than others,” she adds.


LIP BALM: This ensures that I never have to suffer from chapped lips.

A BOTTLE OF WATER WITH VITAMIN C: My simple mantra to always stay fresh.

A PORTABLE CHARGER: I am forever looking for a socket to plug my phone, my iPad and laptop into, so I can be connected to work all the time.

ROSE WATER SPRAY: So that I don’t look fatigued and my skin stays hydrated and glowing at all times.

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