Filmmaker Omung Kumar's Work Den Is an Absolute Paradigm of Creativity & Excellence

Filmmaker Omung Kumar's cabin is a walk around the globe in a matter of seconds
Filmmaker Omung Kumar's Work Den Is an Absolute Paradigm of Creativity & Excellence
Image credit: Entrepreneur India/ Priyadarshini Patwa

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Be it onscreen or off-screen, director Omung Kumar is the epitome of innovation with intelligence. From giving us some inspirational movies like Mary Kom and Sarabjit to creating an office that takes you around the world in two minutes, Kumar totally knows his game right.

Enter Kumar’s office and there is clutter everywhere, yet you find joy around. His cabin is every artistic man’s den. He says, “It is a crazy world from Ek Minute (a show he used to host on Zee TV) days. Everything here is a misfit but still a fit. At times when your mind is cluttered and you need to brainstorm, you just watch around the space and ideas would keep flowing in.”

He eats, prays, sleeps, breathes this world of theatre. “Everything here defines who I am. That’s a chair my wife gifted me. It has everything that I like - Paris, Moulin Rouge, acting, painting,” Kumar shares.

Source: Entrepreneur India

Through the Lens

Introducing us to various elements of his office, he stopped at the bioscope especially made by Bioscopewali, his wife Vanita Kumar’s company. The bioscope shows you the world in a different light. Kumar calls it his warrior and tells you to see through it to view his world. Another interesting concept about his cabin is the faces and mask. They are beauteous, to say the least. The finishing of each is such that you can’t help but get in a trance. The filmmaker has picked each one of it and got them painted.

Source: Entrepreneur India

“The faces speak and they hide things too, but what’s underneath is what you see. But a mask is different, it’s just beautiful. There are no two ways to think about it,” he says.

This cabin seamlessly grasps your attention. You have paintings, pencil sketches and artworks by Kumar all
around. In fact, there are times when he is on the phone and simultaneously creating another painting.


Glimpses of Paris and Greece

The surroundings of the cabin are tailored according to his preference of destinations. “I love Paris and Greece, that is why the walls are all different. My house in Andheri East also follows the same pattern. Once you come home, you are bound to be in a dreamland except the mountain water is missing,” he reveals.

There are unusual detailings in his office. You notice every beam is painted in a different way. Don’t be surprised when you realise that between real books are stacked four books on the shelves which are a mere example of painting. Even the air conditioning have fine traces of craftsmanship and believe us when we say you’ll
never see anything like that!

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