Schools are Reforming Their Infrastructure by Using ERP Solutions

As the requirements of school administration are changing gradually, ERP solution providers are trying to come up with unique school management features
Schools are Reforming Their Infrastructure by Using ERP Solutions
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Our education system is evolving fast. From a typical teacher-centred classroom environment, we are moving towards a digital teaching-learning scenario where communication is the key. Schools are embracing new technologies, smart tools and international pedagogies to facilitate better learning outcomes for children. 

Although technological development in the academic sphere has progressed at a blistering pace, the same is not reflected in the administrative domain in schools, and much of the work is still done manually. However, for a school to develop comprehensively, both its academic and administrative wings should evolve at a similar pace.

Deploying an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps to ease administrative tasks and produce error-free output which can help schools reform their administrative processes. 

Importance of ERP solution

  • Manual data management is a tedious process which not only consumes a lot of time but is inherently prone to errors as well. Implementing an ERP solution can save a lot of time, allowing facilitators to devote their time to develop better teaching and learning strategies.

  • In terms of data security, manual data storage is pretty vulnerable and does not provide any guarantee of data privacy. On the contrary, an ERP solution is a cloud-based suite that ensures top-notch data security.

  • School ERP seamlessly connects students, staff and parents to manage the school processes efficiently via stellar communication systems.

  • ERP connects all departments of a school and campuses of a group of institutions on a single integrated platform. This eliminates repetitive processes such as entering the same information on different platforms and manual intervention to sort information. Thus, it enhances productivity and saves time.

The above-mentioned features are found in most of the school ERPs to address daily administrative challenges. But as the requirements of school administration are changing gradually, ERP solution providers are trying to come up with unique school management features that cater to different administrative sections of a school, such as library management, payment, transport tracking etc.

8 features a school must consider before opting for an ERP solution

  • Opt for an ERP solution that enables vehicle tracking without GPS. If a school bus does not have a GPS device installed, a staff member’s phone can be used to track the school bus.

  • Choose a solution that provides top-notch data security and ensures secure storage of data. The double-encryption policy helps to avert theft or alteration of data.

  • Go for a school management software that verifies a visitor’s details with the aid of government documentation, face recognition, and OTP validation.

  • Opt for a school management software that can configure key documents such as report cards, fee templates, transfer certificates, etc. as per school requirements, in a simple manner without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

  • CCTV integration and video surveillance system is an integral part of security. So, it is important to avail a school management system that helps school administrators to monitor the premises and get instant alerts regarding any abnormal behaviour.

  • An integrated payment refund system is another smart feature of ERP solution. If the school cancels a payment made online by the parent, the refund can be made online as per the school's policy. 

  • Choose an ERP solution that incorporates a smart library module, which has features such as barcode reader to facilitate quick issue and return of books.

  • Go in for a smart ERP solution that facilitates period-wise attendance marking which enables teachers to keep a check on students’ presence in class throughout the day.

Running a school without an ERP would be too tedious a job in the current world. It has become a must-have solution for every school that aspires to provide academic stakeholders with the 21st-century smart environment.  

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