Living A Busy Life? Here Are 5 Herbs That Can Help You Weigh Less and Stay Healthy

Finding it to juggle between work and maintaining your weight? We have some healthy fixes for you
Living A Busy Life? Here Are 5 Herbs That Can Help You Weigh Less and Stay Healthy
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Life is tough and busy. Many of us find it difficult to manage our work schedule and shed weight. At times this leads to stress but what if we tell that you could do it by using some natural remedies?

To start with let us tell you the herbs that we consume daily can do wonders when it comes to reducing weight. From mint leaves to oregano, the herbs can fix our body in ways one didn’t think of. We list five herbs that are reasonable and easy to find!

Mint Leaves

Loved by many of us, peppermint leaves are used by us in hot and cold drinks. Be it cooking or garnishing, the leaves come handy and enhance the taste of regular dishes. But did you know peppermint could do so much more?

It helps you suppress your hunger, which automatically reduces the intake of food. The best thing about these leaves are it lessens your cravings and helps in improving your digestive system. For weight loss, a clean digestive system plays the most vital role and peppermint leaves are also effective for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 


Have PCOS problems due to which you are gaining those extra kilos and finding it difficult to get rid of it?

Spearmint helps in normalizing your hormonal imbalance and stabilise your estrogen level.


Used for seasoning in tons of things, Rosemary is a magic herb. From being full of antioxidants to having anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in controlling your sugar level and prevents metabolic disorders. The natural property it consists of makes it perfect for weight loss. In case you are suffering from obesity, this is a must in your kitchen has sage and rosemary consists of carnosic acid that has anti-obesity potential. It also is beneficial in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.


Whatever you cook, oregano easily compliments the taste of it. But did you have any idea it was more than a taste-enhancer? Oregano consists of bioactive like polyphenols and flavonoids which are important for insulin function. The functioning of it has a great impact on how your body functioning. Let us also tell you oregano helps in increasing your metabolism, maintaining sugar level, manages digestion and controlling diabetes. If these three things are on tack managing weight becomes a lot easier than you can think.


Have water retention and bloating issue? Parsley is the key to getting rid of all these problems that act as a hindrance in your weight loss process. It also has fibre content that makes it another great choice for weight loss. In case you are suffering from diabetes, it consists of Eugenol- an oil that helps in many ways.

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