#6 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Must Avoid To Make A Powerful Impact

We tell you simple ways to avoid landmines and be best groomed

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Be it professional or personal, being well-groomed plays a vital role. While you might think it requires effort, to be a well-groomed man one must avoid some mistakes that lead to tragedy. No matter how well-maintained your hair is or how perfectly trimmed your beard is, if your nails are dirty you are back to fixing the basics.


Here are the biggest no’s you need to avoid. Entrepreneur India brings you simple takeaways that tell you how to avoid some simple mistakes and make a powerful impact when entering a business meeting or going on a simple lunch date.

Here are a few simple fixes that you need to do now:

  • One needs to take a little effort to have a well-groomed face. Most men often avoid using a moisturiser on the face. Your skin needs to be nourished, dehydrated and protected from the sun. Follow this ritual at least twice a day.

  • Everyone notices your nails first. How about some simple manicure and pedicure?

  • When hair are on the neck of a pet, we love it but not when it’s not groovy on a human. Take a trimmer and bid it goodbye. Clean neck enhances your hairstyle.

  • You smile and there are some coffee and tea stains. This is the worst impression you can make. Brush your teeth twice a day and wash your mouth after eating or drinking anything. You don’t want your smile to be all greasy.

  • Embrace your greys. You are going to age and white and greys are going to take its place on your head. Avoid going all chemical and using harmful products. While it might cover your greys for the time, the long-term effects will make you regret it. Imagine if George Clooney dyed his hair, how bad it would be for mankind! Salt and pepper are damn attractive if pulled off with confidence. Covering grey is just overrated.

  • Hair gels are overrated. It’s used by most because it’s cheap. However, believe us there are better nourishment creams that can make your hairstyle look super cool. Try going for coconut cream or vitamin-c hair creams.

Having said, these simple rituals can change your grooming pattern and help you in improving your personality.