#4 Tech Gadgets Every Creative Entrepreneur Must Own

Let's help you all productive minds with some 'effective' tech gadgets

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Productivity is an essential part of your life that any individual needs to develop and practice. With time it becomes an essential part of your life and routine. Once you are an entrepreneur the essence of productivity holds more importance. 

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You can’t afford a bend of mind and you need it more when you are a creative entrepreneur. This is the time when tech innovations can do wonders for you. They can help us save time, release stress – gadgets can be a saviour.

While many of you might think they are a fancy little toy that helps in nothing, we bring you a list of things we have used personally and loved every bit of it.

Let’s help you all productive minds with some ‘effective’ tech gadgets.

1. Omton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

You can’t imagine the amount of time and headache this little device can save you. If you are among the entrepreneurs who are on-go, this is the one for you.

The Omton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is sleek and can be easily carried in your backpack, handbag or purse. Just connect it with your phone, tablet and you can simply get rid of your laptop. 

2. Xech Grow Station

Looking for a multi-purpose smart accessory that looks fab on your work desk? Your search has finally come to an end. Having a cute plant on your desk can do wonder and Xech’s Grow Station is one such device. This single accessory serves as an eye-safe lamp, tiny fan, pen stand and also a plant potter which lets you grow your sapling.

The box comes with a complete seed, fertilizer, foam, and instruction that explains the whole process. All it needs is a USB power supply (use your phone charger). The device has a unit control lighting that lets you decide the brightness. This UV LED light and is also essential for the growth of the plant.

The potter is also removable which lets you put it away in case you just want to use it as a pen stand. It also has a small area that lets you check the water level. Keep it updated, so your plant is well kept and within a week you will see it blossom. Try this and you will love the way it enhances your boring workspace.

3. Wacom One by CTL

A creative head needs something that gives them a hands-on experience. Wacom’s One is creative pen tablets that help bring a physical experience to creating digital art. The company is known for its professional tools and is recommended for various graphical works.

The device is designed with pressure-sensitive control and the pen experience lets you photo edit, illustrate and design. The device lets you and your PC work in creative harmony, where the final result is what you intended.

Plus the pen doesn’t need batteries which makes it light-weight and easy to use. The device is best when it comes to doodlers or creative makers. 

4. Amazfit Bip lite

An entrepreneur life requires us to stay fit and healthy. If your mind and body are not in shape you can’t achieve your dreams. 

Huami Amazfit Bip lite smartwatch lasts up to 45 days on a single charge which is its USP. The device sports an optical PPG heart rate sensor which is on display all the time. It also tracks various activities like cycling and running.

The watch also gives you real-time notification of calls and messages. It lets you choose the apps that you would like notifications from. The smartphone water-resistant (up to 30 metres) and is swim-proof as well. 

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