#5 Best Tech Gadgets To Live A Healthy & Stress-Free Life

We recommend some tech gadgets that can alleviate suffering and make our lives healthier

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The best thing about technology is its innovation and how it improves our lives. However, finding gadgets that focus on our health and wellness can get complicated at times. It isn’t always easy to find tech products that can help us in living a healthy and stress-free life.

TouchPoint/Black and Decker

Entrepreneur India has scrolled through tons of products and came up with the best gadgets that are worth every penny.

TouchPoint Basic

The increasing stress and anxiety level in our lives is a common scenario now. Stress has all the negative effects on our physical and mental forms. Reports state 1 million people call in sick every day because of stress. But what if you have a device that helps in reducing stress?

The TouchPoint Basic is game-changing neuroscience wearables that decrease stress, improves sleep and develop focus. The device emits haptic vibration. The idea behind developing this product was that bi-lateral stimulation can reduce the physical effects of stress in just 30 seconds.

Xech iSoothe

Our eyes are one of those organs that gets exhausted the most and we often fail to take care of it. A portable eye massager is an ultimate choice and that’s what makes us talk about Xech iSoothe. Think of it as a personal spa for your eyes that you can take anywhere and can use anytime. This eyewear is made with the perspective to refresh and rejuvenate our eyes within a couple of minutes. Use it for five minutes and you will experience the difference yourself. iSoothe vibrates, has pressure motor and is built with 42* Heat Compression Technology. The device massages the area around your eyes and forehead which helps in opening the blockages. What makes it worth is also that it has Bluetooth connectivity and an inbuilt speaker that lets you play music.

Omron HeartGuide

Blood pressure has become a common phenomenon among busy working people. We are either suffering from hypertension or hypotension. Getting tested once a month in a clinic is not the solution nor it gives you a picture of daily blood pressure. Hence a smartwatch that could keep a track of your BP is something that many of us need. Omron has developed a smartwatch that accurately measures your blood pressure readings and sends the detail on your mobile app. How is it possible? The device has an expanding band like the standard BP machine that takes the reading. Heartguide is very user-friendly and lets you schedule the reading as per your wish. 

Stanley Black & Decker Pria

Need a companion who can service medicine and work on your voice? Stanley Black & Decker Pria is something that might surely hook your interest. Pria responds to our voice commands and also is equipped to give medicines (up to 28 doses). Whoever is under Pria’s care, it reminds you and acts as a caretaker. It also works as a video call device and allows you to connect with people. It simply can take care of your loved one and you can keep a tab of what’s happening through the application. It has a female voice and one can set a reminder to it about anything.


The Muse headset is heavy on the pocket but at the same time worth buying. It is the best medication device that helps you get calm. The device lets you know what your brain is emitting. Muse is an EEG device that tracks your brain activity and translates it into guiding sounds of weather which helps you stay calm and focused. 

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