How Technology Upgrade In Indian Railways Would Benefit Government Capital

Union Minister for Railways Piyush Goyal and Department of Indian Railways has decided to upgrade trains with new facilities and technology

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In a bid to make trains and railway system economically convenient and feasible, IRCTC and Ministry for Railways have decided to promote railway system with advancement in its technology and facilities. 


Indian Railways is planning to adopt a new technology HOG (Head on Generation) for trains which would eliminate the rumbling sound of the railways as trains would go silent. Through HOG (Head On Generation) technology, the power will be drawn from the elevated electric supply and will assist rails to run. At present, train runs at the two power generator cars which emit fumes and produce noise.  This power generator will no more be operated after the arrival of HOG in Indian Railways. 

According to the officials, the related work has been allotted to the zonal railways. As soon as the transformation completes, an idea of capital inflow is estimated to be INR 1390 crore. 

Cost friendly Technology

Head on Generation innovation taps power supply overhead electrical cables and disperses it to rail coaches. Indian Railways is changing over its Linke Hofmann Bosche mentors into the HoG framework. An aggregate of 342 trains have just been changed over into HoG technology. Indian Railways in its plan has decided to save rupees 800 crore consistently by actualizing new HOG innovation, as indicated by the authority. At present, the expense of power consumption is over rupees 36 per unit. Using new technology of the HOG (Head on Generation) innovation, the power will cost Rupees 6 per unit.  

Employment push with advancement 

According to the Mint report, as soon as the railways will be converted into HOG technology, around 4 Lakh additional berths will be added to the trains and by October 2019, 5000 Indian rail coaches will be operated through HOG technology. By adding berths will increase the demand of coaches, which would directly affect the manpower of the railways. At present, zonal railways has 12, 01,548 as its manpower which will be increased along with the technology and coach count. In order to operate the system and augment the hospitality, railways would hire more people in the department. 

Indian Railways has decided to include LSLRD (LHB Second Luggage, Guard & Divyaang Compartment) which will help in converting power flow from the overhead electric supply by using HOG technology. This compartment serves convenience to the passengers as it has extra space for the luggage and is specially designed cabin with more seats for the passengers.