Want $1 million? Just Find A Bug In Google Pixel Phones

Google's reward goes to $1.5 million, all you need to do is hack into Titan M chip on the Pixel devices

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Are you a hacker? Can you find a bug? Are you someone whose tech/hacking knowledge can find a unique? If you fit in the above-said things, you are in for a bug bounty of $1 million from Google.

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All you have to do is hack into its Titan M chip on the Pixel device. Making it official Google announced to give $1 million as a reward to one who can find a bug in its Pixel phones that may compromise user’s data.

The reward goes to $1.5 million if you can find you can find an exploit on specific developer preview versions of Android. Well, that’s indeed a prize amount to attract many. 

Until now the highest payout on the highest payout on Google's Bug Bounty Program was just over $200,000. However, this time they are taking Apple's road and will match the same price to researchers who can discover a hack. 

In the last 12 months, the total payout that Google has given has been around $1.5 million, so this step does come as a huge deal. Since 2010 Google has been paying out security researchers who have been reporting security lopes in their browsers.

The $1 million offer is for anyone who can point out a unique attack on Pixel 3 and 4. If you are hoping for a reward, you just need to break into Google’s Titan M secure element. This chip is very similar to Apple’s iPhone Secure Element. 

The 50% percent bonus is for those who can successfully hack into the developers' preview version. It is something very similar to what Apple announced in August. A reward amount of up to $500,000 has been kept for those who can point out specific attacks that can show data theft and lock screen bypass. 

Having said, Google’s increase in the reward point is a great deal in attracting hackers to win the race of bug hunting. 

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