GOQII Founder's Work Den Is All Meditative

A one-stop-destination for keeping calm! This is what aptly defines the cabin of VISHAL GONDAL, FOUNDER & CEO, GOQII, a tech-enabled, integrated preventive healthcare platform offering wearable fitness bands to users

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In our hectic day-to-day work life, owning an office that keeps you at ease is an art that not many of us can master. It is interesting to note how some entrepreneurs are particularly selective of their workspaces. Believe it or not, your cabin is your abode where you spend the majority of your time. Enter Vishal Gondal space in Mumbai and you will be pleased to notice how it has been constructed.

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The idea was to create a meditation cum-working space. The aim of having a minimalist office was simple, according to Gondal, who shares, “I believe in having limited furniture with lots of natural lighting as it allows me to be in direct touch with nature while space gives me the freedom to meditate and exercise. It is only after 7 pm when I feel the need to turn on the lights in my cabin.”


In a city like Mumbai, finding a view can be difficult. However, Gondal has a huge window that gives him a view of greenery. “In a bustling city like Mumbai, it’s important to enjoy nature as it keeps you calm and happy, and on the other side, I have a red glass bulletin board for my work. So, my cabin boasts vibrant colours like reds and greens.” As tech runs in the blood, the founder has also kept a pollution monitor which constantly mentions air quality in the room.


The first thing Gondal does as he enters his cabin is to fill his bottle with fresh water and keep it in a place that immediately captures his attention as soon as he opens the door. This reminds him of the importance of his daily dose of water. As his day ends, he ensures everything is kept clean and all plug points are switched off.


Working day and night is exhausting. To steal a quick break from work and get a few minutes of peace, the entrepreneur has kept a green matter next to the window where he lies down to relax and introspect. Gondal’s cabin is one-of-its-kind and what makes it unique is “It’s an informal space, allowing people to think out-of-the-box and put their creative hats on!” he reveals.

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