Blockchain Developers Have The Fastest Emerging Job Market In India

Technology is dominating the emerging job market in India with Blockchain Developers ranked number one, followed by Artificial Intelligence Specialist and JavaScript Developers

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The list of The Top 15 Emerging Jobs in India by LinkedIn is dictated by technology. The report claims that technology has been behind India’s emergence as a global economic power. According to a McKinsey report cited, India is the second-fastest digitizing economy in the world and by 2025, India’s tech sector will deliver $1 trillion in economic value and sustain up to 65 million jobs. 


Digitization in industries across sectors has helped to increase the demand of blockchain developers. “As per the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and Avasant Blockchain report 2019, enterprises across all key industries are identifying applications of blockchain. Though the BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) sector has seen the highest adoption, application across healthcare, retail and logistics is also accelerating. This has led to the surge in demand for blockchain developers,” reads the report.

Bengaluru has the maximum opportunity for Blockchain developers in India, followed by New Delhi and Hyderabad. 

How Are Emerging Jobs Defined?

LinkedIn defines Emerging Jobs as a role with tremendous growth record within a region. It states, “while there may not be a large pool of talent who hold this job, we have observed large, sustained year-over-year growth of professionals who are hired into the role and believe these to be long term trends.”

According to HardFork, India ranks sixth in the world when it comes to Blockchain patents.

Importance Of Soft Skills 

Apart from tech-backed jobs - Growth Manager, Customer Success Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist and Lead Generation Specialist could make to the top 15 Emerging Jobs in India list. Unlike technology, these jobs require soft skills like Human Resource Management, Trend Spotting, Marketing and Advertising, Customer Relationship Management etc.

The report claims that it is helping  job seekers to “understand the types of jobs and skills that will be making up the jobs of the future.”

Profiles and networks of over 62 million Indian on LinkedIn who have held a full-time position within India during the past five years were analyzed to make the report.