#5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Brain & Boost Your Productivity

As your body needs to be exercised, so does your brain

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We all know that to be at the best of our health, we need to exercise. Have we ever thought that exercise is important for our minds too? To get the best of anything, you need to work towards it. The same logic applies to the functioning of your brain and mind as well. Studies have proved that to attend maximum brain health you need to exercise and strengthen it.


Brain training is a thing that boosts your intelligence, improves its productivity, boosts your focus. While we often don’t give much importance to brain exercises, various researches prove how it is very essential.

Brain’s plasticity which is its ability to adapt and change lets it evolve even when you are growing old. As we learn new things, our brain finds its way to form a new network and work long with it. This process makes the brain more open to adaptation. The benefit of brain exercise is simple- it keeps your mind sharp as you age.

Now let's tackle some brain exercises that you can do at home. While these brain games are not designed to make you more intelligent, you might find that you feel mentally sharper and cognitively stronger if you practice them regularly.

Some brain exercises involve solving puzzles, Sudoku or Crossword. However, not everyone is a huge fan of such activities. There are ways to power up your brain and it just requires a little commitment from your end.  Here are five simple exercises to keep your brain in shape and healthy.


Running has always been one of the most recommended exercises. It does not just keep your body fit but at the same time helps in the formation of new cells in the hippocampus. It’s that part of the brain which is responsible for your learning and memory process. On the one hand, it keeps your body in shape, on the other hand, it helps in stress management.


As per The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control Trusted Source learning a new form of dance move not just improves your brain’s processing speed but also memory. In simple words dance like you have never danced before. In case you are thinking about what to opt for – try your hand at Zumba, Jazz, hip-hop. Whatever pleases you go for it.


150 minutes of aerobics a week is all that your brain needs. Research claims that aerobic exercise can increase your spatial memory performance and decrease the risk of dementia, depression, and anxiety.


Being in play for thousand years nothing can beat meditation when it comes to the development of the brain. From experts to business leaders mindfulness meditation has been a continuous practice. Been part of the tradition for ages, it increases blood flow, observation, and mental skills. It also improves mental flexibility, attention, empathy, focus, and memory. 


If hypertension is one of the issues you have been facing, cycling is the key to keep a tab on it. From building your mental strength to increasing blood flow, this exercise is a wonderful way to stay strong. It also regulates the stress hormones in your body and adrenaline level.