60% Millennials Experience Anxiety Due To Unread Emails: Report

Two in five millennials get extremely uncomfortable if they don't check their work email for 3-4 hours at a stretch

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Millennials prefer shorter emails over the longer ones and think it can be a good substitute for workplace meetings, showed a report by Hiver, a leading email collaboration solution provider. According to the survey, “63 per cent millennials agreed that long emails hampered their workplace productivity, and that they preferred them to be shorter and ‘to the point’. Another 60 per cent interestingly said that emails can be a good substitute for workplace meetings.”


The report also claimed that not checking their work emails for three-four hours at a stretch is a source of anxiety for millenials. “As many as two in five millennials get extremely uncomfortable if they haven't been able to check their work email for three-for hours at a stretch,” said the report.

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The survey also said that more than 60 per cent millennials get anxious on seeing unread emails in their inboxes.

Source: Hiver Survey

First app in the morning

Whatsapp is the first app millennials check in the morning, followed by Instagram and Facebook. Whereas, email is the least popular first choice. The survey reveals that 59 per cent check Whatsapp as first mobile app in the morning, 29 per cent use social media apps Instagram and Facebook and a mere 9 per cent use email.

Niraj Ranjan Rout, CEO and co-Founder of Hiver, talking about the survey said, “At Hiver, our goal is to reduce the stress caused by cluttered or badly managed inboxes. We help teams collaborate better on group inboxes like info@, support@ by minimizing the usage of forwards and CCs, a huge contributor to inbox clutter.” 

Source: Hiver Survey

The report also claimed that the trend of Inbox Zero—the practice of keeping their inbox empty/near-empty at all times—is becoming popular among millenials.

Over 600 millennials in India were surveyed for the study which seeks to understand their work email behavior patterns.

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