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Prevent Eye Strain and Boost Productivity With These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Invest in your long-term eye health with these glasses.

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When you're spending all day looking at the computer, you risk macular degeneration — that is, the degeneration of your eyesight. The blue light and ultra-violet rays from screens work to break down your eyesight over time. Obviously, that's not ideal, but it probably isn't going to stop you from putting in long hours at your computer. You can, however, strike a balance with Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

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Described more generally as "computer glasses," Blue Light Blocking Glasses block the glare from computer, phone, TV, and other screens. Featuring proprietary tints and coatings that provide UV400 protection and block blue light and glare, the specially-designed lenses are doctor-recommended to protect your eyes from long-term macular degeneration. Beyond protecting against blue light, they are also designed to prevent dry eye and irritation, and even sharpen detail to reduce the strain on your eyes while you're working on screens.  Plus, they just look great.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses typically cost $59.99 but they're 50% off today at just $29.99. They're available in several models, each of which helps achieve a certain aesthetic: E2 model, BC model, E1 model, E3 model, JD model, AL model, and AC model

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