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Fight for Your Franchise

Introducing a new challenge that will hopefully help us all get through this tough time together.

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Most owners feel as if we have collectively driven off a cliff. The was great, people were optimistic, and the overall outlook was very good. I am sure that most of you can remember how hard it was to hire good staff members just a few months ago because the job market was so strong. Now, we just had the largest number of single-week unemployment filings in history. 

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I serve as an executive coach to many franchisors and owners around the world. Usually, tragedies are localized.  I have had many conversations over the years where the person on the other end reported a regional disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, and we've offered support and encouragement. But while on a Zoom call with a client in a few days ago, they were suffering the same exact crisis that we are here in . That is when I realized that we are truly all in this together. 

When we get down to real-world fears, the biggest question I'm hearing is, “How do we survive this?” And that's when it's time to deploy hard-hitting coaching strategies that have an immediate impact on operations, people and revenue. 

As I'm coaching my clients, they're sharing their entrepreneurial solutions to the current crisis with me, and their stories of perseverance and innovation inspired me to do my part to give back to the that I love. 

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So, we are going to work together to get through this temporary crisis and help save as many businesses and jobs as humanly possible. What I have learned in my practice is that the leadership of any franchise organization is the most important factor in its success or failure. Many times, coaching can help them see things more clearly so they can make better decisions and keep fighting against diversity. 

Introducing: the Fight For Your Franchise Challenge, a 90-day program to keep people focused on positive strategies to get them through the stress and negative circumstances that are currently hitting small businesses. I will be providing a free, weekly executive coaching-session video, article and podcast access for the entire 90 days. The goal of this program is to save businesses and jobs by keeping owners focused and moving forward.  

You can also gain access to our podcast, Franchise Bible Coach Radio With Rick and Rob. Me and my co-host, Rob Gandley, will feature the franchise industry's everyday heroes, who will share their franchise industry's best practices, proprietary strategies, tips and stories to help our listeners not only survive but thrive. You will hear from franchisors and franchise operators that are innovating new ways of doing business in this ever-changing business environment.  

Franchisors and franchise vendors can also sign up to join our "Wall of Fame" to show support for the initiative, and they can also request to be a guest on one of our sessions or podcasts. We can get through this together, and the more we support each other, the more businesses will be spared.  

The first week we will focus on getting in the right mindset for navigating the crisis waters. The first step in the process is to make sure that we don’t allow negative thoughts, beliefs and fears to drive our behavior in the wrong direction. The 12-week program will help everyone stay in the right mindset to strive toward success. Nobody has to be alone during this crisis. We will be there each and every week to encourage and guide participants through the uncertainty. We will focus on using fundamental tools, such as goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to stay on track and measure our efforts. 

This is a free, no-strings-attached initiative, and you can join the fight for your franchise business, employees and customers by clicking the "Join The Fight" button on the website (see details below) and simply entering your email address to receive our free, weekly coaching video sessions. The program kicks off Monday April 6 and runs through our "Independence Day From the Pandemic" celebration on the 4th of July.

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Here are some tips for getting the most out of this program for your business: 

  1. Join the Fight For Your Franchise Challenge now at by simply entering your email address. You can opt out anytime. 
  2. Start each week by opening the email video coaching session (begins Monday, April 6). 
  3. Read the corresponding article.
  4. Listen to the corresponding podcast.
  5. Join our Facebook group and share positive ideas and ask questions. 
  6. Take notes and implement the strategies that make sense for your business. 
  7. Share your victories with us. 

Join the Fight For Your Franchise challenge now at

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